Zelda Ocarina of Time T-shirt Misprint from Nintendo Power Magazine and More Video Game Auctions!

Here’s an interesting item. It’s a misprint Nintendo power t-shirt from Ocarina of Time. Now I’m not sure how valuable misprints are but I remember years ago many collectors were seeking items with misprints on them, be it a game box or a toy. I’ll be honest and say that misprints are not my thing, but lots of collectors dig the “one of a king” errors that’s found in video game pressings. Like this t-shirt for example, seller says:

Back in 1998, I was buying anything I could with Ocarina of Time on it. I knew it would all be collector’s items someday, and I was totally obsessed. In the “Spring 1998” Nintendo Power Super Power Supplies catalog, there was a new Ocarina of Time t-shirt. This was months before the game even launched. Of course I was going to buy one, but I noticed something odd about the image in the catalog. Link was right-handed. It wasn’t a reversed negative because the text was correct, it was a flipped Link. So I think “well that’s weird, but I only noticed it because I’m a super-nerd… I don’t guess shirts have to be canonical”. Besides maybe just the image was wrong and the shirt would be correct. So I bought one. I got the shirt. Link was right-handed just like pictured.

Now 3 months later the “Summer 1998” catalog comes out and whaddaya know, that shirt is in there again, ONLY NOW ITS CORRECT. Someone at Nintendo was as big a nerd as me and the noticed that Link is supposed to be a lefty, and then corrected the shirt and the picture in the magazine. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that someone cared enough to change it. I imagine a board room meeting with a bunch of guys in suits and one of them stands up shouting and cursing “what did you do you idiot, Link isn’t right-handed!!! Your FIRED!”

So it’s not quite like that upside down airplane stamp, but it’s pretty close I think. This shirt was made, then corrected and re-released. Someone, somewhere recognized this as an error and corrected it.

I got the shirt ONLY for the purpose of having the collectible. It’s never been worn. It’s literally been folded in the envelope it came in for nearly 20 years. I’ve unfolded it once or twice, but the original packing folds are still very obvious. It is in BRAND NEW condition.

Along with the shirt I’m also selling the original packaging, the original receipt/insert with the description, price, dates and a somebody’s “quality assurance” initials. AND I’m including both the spring 1998 and summer 1998 Super Power Supplies catalog that together tell the story of this shirt and it’s change and relisting.

Just having an Official Ocarina Shirt from 1998 in brand new condition is pretty great, but there’s a little intrigue in this item that could make it one of the coolest collectables of all time. If word should ever get out about this item, it could well be priceless.

Thanks for reading my whole sales pitch. I hope you’ll check the pics and see that it’s all legit. BID! It could be yours!

Hey, it’s Ocarina Week! I’m also selling a DAY ONE copy of Ocarina CIB with original reciept AND also commercial distribution/packing boxes for that read “GOLD ZELDA CARTRIDGES! HOLD FOR PRE-SALE RESERVATIONS”. So check my other auction’s please.”

Click here for Zelda Ocarina of Time T-shirt Misprint from Nintendo Power Magazine

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Good luck!

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Zelda Ocarina of Time T-shirt Misprint from Nintendo Power Magazine and More Video Game Auctions!

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