$250,000 Nes Game,NWC Cart, Brett Hull Jaguar CD Unreleased Cover & CD

Today’s post has some interesting auctions such as the unreleased Brett Hull Juauar game and more. But first off I wanted to mention that the NWC cart was relisted, probably because the seller wanted to change the starting price of the auction. So this is the same cart that was listed by Kenji a week ago, but it is up and running again. The current price is $1,525 which is not bad considering that this game fetches for a lot more. It will be interesting to see how much it ends for. Seller says:”It’s simply to say that this game is ultra RARE. I am a private colletor in Germany. In 1998 I bought this game from John Kaufmann in Miami. The cartridge is in very good working condition. Any questions, feel free to message me! Payment through paypal or you can pick up the game directly from me. I sell this item for “rushseller1” ’cause his eBay account is limited up to $2,000 per month. We think this item is more than $2,000 worth. You can write to “rushseller” if you want to confirm this selling over my account.”

Other Video Game Auctions:
Nintendo VGA graded The Flintstones 2 Surprise at Dinosaur Peak – I don’t know what to think about the asking price…

Nintendo Game Boy Color POKEMON GOLD H-Seam New VGA 90+ – Seller says: “Up for auction is a VGA graded copy of Pokemon Gold for the Nintendo Game Boy Color released in2000 by Nintendo. It received a grade of 90+. The VGA serial number is: 75831068. Your video game/Pokemon collection just isn’t complete without this game in it. You know you want it so bid”.
AMAZING Lot of Playstation games – “This is a massive 114 game lot of Playstation One games. These have been collected over many years from various sources and are all in working condition.
I have a baby on the way and have to get rid of my collection. There are a great deal of rare and ultra rare titles here are will add tons of value to your collection.
These games have been kept with great care in a non-smoking environment.”
The Guardian Legend For Nintendo, NES, Brand New – This was a fun game, and I haven’t seen one sealed for a long time now. Pretty cool copy to pick up and play if you never played it. Have no idea how much this will end for.
CJ ENTUS Complete Uniform owned by StarCraft ProGamer By.Movie, signed by Leta – we’ve listed a couple of these “in-game” tourny worn outfits. To be honest these don’t sell. People in North America don’t follow tv gaming like in other parts of the world (ex: Korea). But for those who do this is a pretty neat auction to follow. I wonder who the Canadian seller got his hands on this one.
Atari Jaguar CD – Brett Hull NHL Hockey – Unreleased Cover/CD – seller says: “Due to licensing, when this was released it did not include “Brett Hull” anywhere on it, his signature, jersey and the name was removed from the released version. Only 5 of the Brett Hull versions were made and this is one of them. I’ve included a picture of the released version, it is obviously the 2nd picture so you can see the differences. Very rare Jaguar collectible”

TOMY ” PYUUTA Console TP1000 ” Japan Import TUTOR 1982
PS1 RPG LOT – Near Complete
Sega Mega Drive Mouse New
Lost Planet Extreme Condition Collector’s Edition Signed By Keiji Inafune Mega
Nintendo Store Rep Promo Seal of Quality Lapel Pin

Good luck!

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  1. I sent this to the “guys” selling the NWC cart:

    Hmmmm, selling it for rushseller,who had this up, somehow didn’t sell for what he wanted it for (obviously), now you have to sell it because he cannot have items over $2000 (that can be fixed, who are you fooling?), now its private listing, and if he were to bid on it (bid shilling) with out private listing, people would obviously be able to see his feedback… Pfft, made you out pretty good huh?

    I think this is such bull, and the scam is in plain site, its obvious what this one guy, or guys are doing, funny thing is, Pat actually sent me a message on the AVGN NWC trailer (my message is still in the top rated comments also) and put:

    It’s a fake. :/

    its in my comments inbox, but not seen in the comments of the AVGN, not sure if he was talking about the gold one for $27,000, or the one in Germany. Probably the one from Germany :

  2. The NWC cart buy and sell world on eBay is a rough area. As far as photos go, it can be faked very very easily. Pat also once mentioned the real cart weighs more than a standard cart which is something you can’t really check if buying online. The grey carts are numbered as everyone knows… need to track it’s history to make it a safe buy.

  3. Seller is in a foreign country with low feedback. That alone is enough to scare me away. If the buyer discovers it’s a fake they will have to file a dispute very quickly, and anyone that regularly uses ebay knows how much of a pita that is. You will spend a lot of time trying to get your money back and dude in Germany won’t suffer at all. People in other countries have been ripping of US buyers since the day ebay started. I hope whoever wins has done their research.

  4. Hey guys, let me tell you a story. The seller in Germany, schuetzenhouse, is a liar, a thief, whatever you may call him.
    Remember the auction at the begining of the month regarding the Stadium Events NTSC release? Well, I convinced him to sell it to me for a 3500€ with Pay On Delivery ! He actually sent me the parcel, but, and thanks my local post than I know so so so well, I could opened the parcel before opening it : inside was a ghost’n goblins NES game, obviously a little less valued ! So I refused the parcel and it was returned to him. I can send the picture of the opened parcel if anyone wants.
    So we can bid on his auctions just to have him hug eBay fees.

  5. You are all crazy. Like I am suppose to believe your claims. What is there like some big conspiracy on ebay now? Please give proof of your claims otherwise you are just making the seller look bad because he has a nintendo champion cart and you don’t. this is crazy man

  6. I agree with Luigi as far as proof goes if discrediting a seller. Warnings are always welcome though. I wouldn’t want to spend thousands and find out later that there may have been a problem with the seller. It’s the buyer’s decision in the end.

$250,000 Nes Game,NWC Cart, Brett Hull Jaguar CD Unreleased Cover & CD

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