A Boy and his Blob Pre-release, Biohazard Stamps and More!

Good morning VGA readers. It’s a cold day but all the reason to play games and watch movies. Scrolling through the Xbox market place there are plenty of titles to choose from, I’m eying a few for tonight ;). With the Christmas season escaping us, and the new year right around the corner it leaves us with interesting video game auctions on eBay simply because it’s a weird time to list anything. Sure you’ll have cool auctions but personally I don’t even feel like taking out the trash. The beauty of eBay is that we’re always left with surprises of cool auctions like the recent Final Fantasy VII Aeris Music Box (which for sure didn’t sell and the seller kept it, I just want to stress on that) which was listed before Christmas. First of all that is the worst time to capitalize on potential profits, it’s a hard time to make sales in any industry. The optimal times to sell something like that would be March to May or August to November. Anyone reading this with an Aeris Music Box (I know it’s Aerith but in Japan it was Aeris and it reads Aeris on the Music Box), list it in that month frame OR you can email me personally and ask if I am interest 🙂 🙂

Video Game Auctions:

Replica Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table – A really cool coffee table to have in your room. I would love to have this by the fireplace. Shipping would burn my wallet though so it’s too bad it’s not close to me.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Hyperstone Signed – Signed by the co-creator Kevin Eastman. He drew a sketch of a Ninja Turtle on the cover.

Halo 3 Limited Edition Signed Mylar Print “Ark Storm” Isaac Hannaford – This is number 98/500. I’m a big Halo fan and it will be consider a top Shooter forever, although I don’t know if it beats Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, it sure has a gameplay that many gamers can agree is exciting.

ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM CD SOUNDTRACK 4 DISC – It’s signed by the composer Jeremey Soule. What’s interesting is that Jeremy Soule and his brother composed the tracks for Secret of Evermore which you can listen to here. Pretty cool to have his autograph if you’re a fan of Squaresoft music.

7ft Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Dovahkiin Statue – This is #250 out of 400 made world wide. I’m not a big Skyrim fan because I love shooters but this is amazing from what I hear. A lot of Skyrim fans out there that would love this in their room.

Chrono Trigger Final Fantasy 3 and more RARE VIDPRO cards – These were being sold at one point for around $15-$30 each and sometimes would go higher depending on when it was listed. He must have paid a good $300 in total for these, but he is asking for a much higher price.

3 VGA Nes Sealed Games – These are 3 odd titles to have sealed and in your collection.

Playstation Ps1 Game Lot – You have a ton of great titles in here like Suikoden II, Dragon Warrior VII, Castlevania Symphony of the Night etc… For $300 beans it might not be bad at all.

Biohazard Stamp Collection 2006 – It’s being sold at $250 which is an alright price considering that it doesn’t show up and I’ve seen it being sold for more than $250.

RARE NES NINTENDO PRE-RELEASE 1.0 ADVANCE COPY DAVID CRANES A BOY & HIS BLOB 89 – This is interesting as it’s not a proto-type but a pre-release which I haven’t seen before.

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A Boy and his Blob Pre-release, Biohazard Stamps and More!

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