Altered Beast – Original Arcade, Poster, T-Shirt, Soundtrack, Tiger Handheld & Watch

Believe it or not, the first time I played Altered Beast was not on the original arcade nor was it on the Genesis. It was the Commodore Amiga. Many people say the Amiga version is much weaker than any other version of the game, and they are probably right. The cool thing about that is that I became a fan of the game while playing a lesser version… this meant when I played the actual arcade I was blown away. Both versions I’ve mentioned are available below, along with a bunch of other cool Altered Beast items.

Altered Beast Original Arcade – This is the ultimate version to play by far. Maybe it was just the fact that werewolves were cool in the 80’s (Teen Wolf and Michael Jackson’s Thriller for example), but when this game came out in 1988, it was a big deal. The level designs change and keep things interesting while your character gets new and different powers to take down the huge and strange looking bosses. The game just kicks ass lol. There’s also an owner’s manual for the arcade on eBay that is in great shape. You can find the manual here: Altered Beast Arcade Owner’s Manual

Altered Beast Tiger Handheld – One of the many Tiger handhelds that were made over the years. I played this one and it’s pretty good because you have to be watching for things coming from every direction. It gets faster as you go and you have to basically put yourself into a reflex trance to stay alive! There’s also a wrist watch version of Altered Beast by Tiger and this one is on eBay as well (factory sealed!). You can find the watch here: Altered Beast Tiger Wrist Watch Game

Altered Beast T-Shirt – By the design of this t-shirt you can tell that it’s based on the Genesis version. I prefer the original title picture found on the arcade side art, but hey, if this is the version you grew up with, maybe this is something you can wear with gamer pride ;). Btw the shirt’s unofficial.

Altered Beast Poster – This poster is also from the Genesis version. I love the “16-bit Cartridge” thing that Sega put on nearly everything related to a Genesis game.

Sega G.S.M. #1 Soundtrack – This soundtrack actually has music from more than a few titles. Aside from Altered Beast, it also has music from Galaxy Force, Thunder Blade, Out Run, Space Harrier, and After Burner. The price is fairly high, but I don’t think too many of these were made.

Altered Beast Amiga Version Complete – Here’s the version of Altered Beast I played the most. I nearly broke the joystick I was using by constantly switching direction to get every enemy on screen. It’s an adrenaline fueled thrill ride.

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Altered Beast – Original Arcade, Poster, T-Shirt, Soundtrack, Tiger Handheld & Watch

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