5 Things Respawn Entertainment Needs To Do To Keep Apex Legends At The Top

5 Things Respawn Entertainment Needs to Do to Keep Apex Legends at the Top
Image source: EA
  • Here are 5 things Respawn Entertainment needs to do.

5 Things Respawn Entertainment Needs to Do to Keep Apex Legends at the Top

Respawn Entertainment Developer Programmer Staff Employee Head Office
Image source: Respawn.com

It has been a positive start to the new year for Electronic Arts Inc. With EA’s stock price increase after the release of Apex Legends, it seems that EA has finally come around. Much of the credit goes towards Respawn Entertainment; for seeing an opportunity within the Battle Royale space and capitalizing on it. In order for Apex Legends to continue being successful, Respawn Entertainment needs to continue staying on top of Apex Legends and making the game it’s number one priority. This means, giving it the attention it needs. Respawn Entertainment knows it has to support Apex Legends extensively for it to succeed like Fortnite Battle Royale.

Since the game’s release on February 4th, Apex Legends has gone beyond expectations and reached new levels in terms of success. But after a few months, Apex Legends has dropped off the map for quite some time. After a horrible Season 1, Respawn Entertainment took all the feedback they could to improve the game and did so in Season 2. But with their recent release of Season 3,Apex Legends has gained new life, and viewership on Twitch has increased again to comfortable numbers. It seems like Respawn knows exactly what they need to do in order to keep Apex at the top of the charts.

With that said, here are some points that Respawn could consider in order to keep Apex Legends players happy and continue their success.

Suggestions to Keep the Momentum Going

1). Continued Innovation

Apex Legends Wraith Dimensional Rift Innovation Respawn Entertainment Top 5
Image source: EA

With the introduction of the “Legends” and their special abilities, it added a whole new dynamic to the Battle Royale scene. Gamers who are familiar with Battle Royale have never seen anything like this before. For example, Wraith’s special ability, which is called the Dimensional Rift, was truly unique and something no gamer has seen before. The continuation of innovation will keep the game fresh. New characters, introducing more abilities, new weapons; all ingredients for continued success will have gamers coming back for more. We’ve seen, thus far, the introduction of three new Legends with Octane, Wattson and the new Crypto.

2). Apex Legends Updates

Apex Legends Wraith Pathfinder Updates Patch Respawn Entertainment Top 5
Image source: EA

Updates are crucial for any online game. As soon as there are reports of problems such as the Apex Legends characters not playable, the speed of a turnaround is important. Respawn Entertainment has an official Reddit page monitored by staff and developers. They were quick on fixing the problem and providing updates via their Reddit page. Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn is also very active on Twitter and posts patch updates via his page. This type of engagement is great for fans of the game because it shows them that Respawn is on top of everything.

3). Hacking and Cheating

Apex Legends Hack Aimbot Cheating
Apex Legends Hack Aimbot Cheating

One of the key points is the attention to hackers and cheaters, and how they are caught/dealt with. Every game has its way of handling hackers online. Raven Software is an excellent example of how they dealt with hackers and leaderboard boosters during the release of Modern Warfare Remastered. Amos Hodge, one of the developers for Raven Software wrote on his twitter account encouraging gamers to report hackers in-game.

It’s nearly impossible for Respawn Entertainment to track down and ban all hackers, and it would require a lot of resources to deal with this. However, with the support of the gaming community, Respawn can be proactive in the way they handle hackers. How Respawn handles hackers and cheaters will be important with the continued growth of Apex Legends. It also shows gamers that they genuinely care about the user’s experience, and we all know how hackers can deprive us of a such experience. Apex Legends hacks and aimbots have surfaced since day one. With the help of the community, tackling the bad guys will be another key factor why this game will stay at the top.

4). Apex Legends Events

Apex Legends Event Community Twitch Gamer Player Tournament
Source: twitter.com/VinceZampella

Respawn Entertainment recently worked with Twitch to have the first Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge. It was a success, with hundreds of thousands of viewers watching the event. The Twitch Rivals challenge invited some of the top streamers in the world to play a competitive squad competition. Twitch users were able to watch their favorite streamer participate in the popular event and get the community engaged. Moving forward, it will be great to see live events where fans can attend and watch competitions, or simply partake in some Apex Legends action. Fortnite has been successful with this, with events such as the Pro-AM, Twitch Con, and Pax West.

5). Hiring Top Talent

Apex Legends Developer Programer Talent Pool Respawn Entertainment Office
Image source: Respawn.com

Hiring top talent is key for any organization. However, it’s never an easy task for Human Resources. Carefully screening and hiring talent that fits into Respawns Entertainment’s culture will be key to it’s continued success and growth. One of the biggest companies in the world, General Electric, align their recruiting efforts with their overall corporate strategy as a key principle of effective talent management.  By hiring great talent that fit with Respawn’s culture, Apex Legends will continue to run efficiently, especially with new additions in the game like new weapons, characters, map layout, player mechanics and so forth.


One thing is for sure; Respawn Entertainment has done a great job from the beginning. From recognizing an opportunity in the Battle Royale space to developing an amazing game and marketing their end product using social media and popular Twitch Streamers. There will be no doubt that they know what it takes to stay at the top of their game and continue being a great company making great games.

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