A New Legend To be Announced At E3 for Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends New Legend Will be Announced At E3

Electronic Arts will be announcing a new legend at E3 (EA PLAY) according to their website. They will also give details about what to expect from Season 2.

E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year. Many developers will announce the details of their games at E3 and showcase new technologies which are what every gamer is eagerly awaiting. For most of us, we’ll be able to catch all the news and updates on Twitch and YouTube, so there won’t be anything to miss.

One of the companies that will be at E3 is EA, where they will host their own live conference. This year was not a very good year for them. The blow out of Anthem was not expected. The game offered very limited things and it turned out to be one of the biggest failures in recent time. On the other hand, Apex Legends blew up and shattered records placed by Fortnite Battle Royale. The game was so successful at launch that no one at Respawn expected it. It seemed that everyone was playing Apex Legends, and Respawn announced that they had 50 million players in the first two weeks.

However, Apex Legends success did not last very long. The game had major issues, and the number one problem was the constant crashes and the server instability. Another problem was the rampant cheaters. They have banned and blocked over 1 million accounts as a result, but the damage was done already. The season pass was another problem and was not received well by the players.

But EA and Respawn are trying to change the tables with E3 EA PLAY. The new season 2 will start with E3. They will announce at least one new legend (most probably this will be Wattson). According to leaks, this Legend has been in the works before the game was released. Therefore we hope that they have made it fun at the very least as they did with Octane. A new gun will also be coming, according to EA’s update. The map might change also as they have stated that King’s Canyon will not stay the same. You can read more information on the recent changes and the future changes here.

E3 is the major gaming event of the year. Therefore, it is understandable they want to show the game in the spotlight. Will there be a new Apex Legends map? Doubtful. But fingers crossed there is a possibility for this.

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