Apex Legends Crypto Review

Apex Legends Crypto Review
  • The newest addition to the Apex Legends battlefield is Crypto, a surveillance expert who can roam World’s Edge seamlessly. 

Apex Legends Crypto Review

Apex Legends was regarded as the Fortnite killer in the beginning. However, after a couple of weeks, the hype started to dwindle and the game started to be regarded as an incomplete product. The number of bugs and hackers made even the most hardcore supporters of the game irritated. However, maybe with this season, Respawn Entertainment will be able to turn the tables. Apex Legends Season 3 is bringing a new hero and a new map. We have covered the map yesterday and today we will take a look at Crypto, the new Apex Legends Legend.

Apex Legends Season 3 has arrived and we have Crypto in the game now as the newest Legend. Crypto is a skilled hacker and he’s a support character. His abilities complete each other and he is a complete package.

Crypto has three different abilities like every legend in the game which we will go over below.

Crypto Tactical Ability – Surveillance Drone

First of all, the Tactical ability is called surveillance drone. This drone allows Crypto to survey the area and explore potential enemies around the area so you can fly his drone and get an idea of what is around you. Crypto’s Surveillance Drone has a range of 30 meters. It may seem short but it is very useful. Although you are vulnerable when you are using it.

Crypto Passive Ability – Neurolink

Crypto’s second abilities passive ability is called neurolink. This is working with his technical ability. If Cryptos drone detects an enemy nearby they will be marked. This is highly useful because they will be marked for your teammates as well.

Crypto Ultimate Ability – Drone EMP

Maybe the most fun ability of Crypto’s is his ultimate ability. It’s called Drone EMP. This allows Crypto’s Surveillance Drone to make an EMP blast and it deals 50 shield damage, slow enemies and also disables traps. Which is very important if you’re playing for example against a Caustic.

Also, the shield damage and slowing is very important. Also, you can hack doors with his drone. As you can see Crypto’s abilities are forming around his drone. Crypto will change the game for sure.

Potential Uses

Potential teammates for Crypto is Wraith and, Gibraltar. You can integrate their abilities together. For example, you will be able to tell your teammates that there is another team in this particular building and with Wraith you can open a fast portal there and it will blow their minds off. The second one that I can say, maybe the most useful one would be Gibraltar interestingly because when he’s using the Drone if you want extra protection, you can use Gibraltars ability to cover. Also, you can use Gibraltars Ultimate ability to block certain parts of map.

Crypto will be very useful for team players because his drone is giving an extra advantage if you use it right. Because of this  Crypto will probably be one of the top picked Legends at least for this season because of its high support capabilities.

We wish you good luck with Crypto.

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