Apex Legends Developers Call Players A**-hats and Freeloaders

Apex Legends Developers Call Players Ass-hats and Freeloaders
  • There is a feud between Apex Legends Developers and players, and one Respawn DEV spoke his mind on the topic of toxic players. Here’s everything that has happened so far.

Apex Legends Developers Call Players A**-hats and Freeloaders

In today’s world of video games, microtransactions are at the forefront They play a big role in the way we play games. Microtransactions became the norm for many games out there. These type of transactions started with mobile games. We started seeing some small microtransactions in those games from power-ups to extra lifes. It was simple; phones were much more common and with the development of smartphones and the number of games done for them, it was mouth-watering for companies. More and more games started to come out and soon the biggest market share was from mobile games. Of course, it did not stop there, and microtransactions were introduced to console and PC gaming.

At first, it was hardly noticeable. However, gamers started to feel it much more in recent years. Nowadays, nearly every multiplayer game has some sort of microtransactions. In some of the games, it is much milder, however, it is getting much worse. Even games like Rainbow Six Siege introduced a new Battle Pass on top of a Season Pass. So players are now paying for a full game and a season pass and a battle pass. Some players are saying it is just pure cosmetics. However, the amount of time you need to spend on video games are becoming much longer to open the next content and this is pushing players towards microtransactions.

Apex Legends Microtransactions

Apex Legends is no different. Players from all over the world are playing this game for free. Of course, there are microtransactions. If the game is free, players are more inclined to think that microtransactions are more acceptable because companies need revenue. However, there are millions of microtransaction methods. Players from the Apex Legends community were enraged at the Iron Crown event. This event locked most of the unique event cosmetics behind a paywall that can reach up to $170. Players were discussing these problems on the official Apex Legends Reddit sub. Well, let us just say things escalated.

Respawn Dev Response on Reddit

Apex Legends developers generally respond to players feedback on these posts. However, this is the first time we have seen something like this. Apex Legends developers first called some players A**-hats and later blamed them for being freeloaders. Let us check what they wrote.

Apex_Legends_dev_comment on reddit
Apex_Legends dev calling players toxic on reddit
Source: Reddit

As you can see it is a little unorthodox for developers to speak their mind, however, it’s becoming more common in the space given how social media demands it. Like dko5 stated, 10 years ago players would never communicate with developers this way, and they would have a little more respect for what they’ve done. However, players also didn’t face microtransactions 10 years ago and are upset to pay such a high price. Yes, it is correct these developers are under fire whenever they are trying to do something with the game. Because they cannot make every person happy. Respawn has worked hard to make their free-to-play game enjoyable, and they do need to generate revenue from the game for EA, otherwise, they would be out of the business. It’s a double-edged sort at the moment, both parties are right, and it’s hard to stick to one side.

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