Apex Legends Dragons Spotted: Can you Shoot The Dragons?

Apex Legends Dragons Spotted Can you Shoot The Dragons Season 2

Apex Legends is getting ready for Season 2 and we cannot wait to see what they have for us. But players are already reporting flying Dragons in the sky. The question is, can you shoot them dragons? Let’s take a closer look at what is going on.

Apex Legends Dragons Spotted

For those who tuned into EA PLAY a few weeks back will remember the last 5 seconds of the recap video that Respawn showed. The last 5 seconds showed a few dragons flying in the sky and one giant eye. Many fans were perplexed because there was no mentioned of flying dragons, especially a giant dragon by Respawn up until this point. It seems like Respawn Entertainment had some surprises in line for us, and they kept us guessing as to what we saw on the big screen.

Giant Dragon Eye in Apex Legends Season 2
Source: Respawn Entertainment

At the end of the Apex Legends show at EA PLAY, Drew McCoy, Senior Project Lead at Respawn, was asked what those flying dragons were. Drew said he wasn’t going to give any details as to what fans just saw.

The only thing we knew from EA PLAY was that Apex Legends Season 2 was going to be much better than Season 1. We were also introduced to a new Legend, Wattson, and a new weapon called the L-Star. Season 2 is not starting until July, however, the build-up has already begun. There are Dragons flying around the Kings Canyon.

Players reported that they have seen dragons or flyers as they can be called. However, things started to get interesting as players started to shoot them.

Can you Shoot the Dragons in Apex Legends?

Firstly, what is the purpose of these dragons? What are they trying to do? Well, one user submitted a video of them catching a dragon in the sky. From the looks of things, it seems that the dragons pick up death boxes from the ground and fly away with them. After shooting the dragons they will drop the death box. However, can you continue shooting at them, eventually killing the dragons? Here’s a video below showing the player in the act.

So the answer is yes, you can shoot the dragons and even kill them.

How Will The Dragons Evolve?

For now, the Dragons in Apex Legends do not attack. However, this does not mean it will not change in the future. We can see another interesting lore piece on the Titanfall Universe with the beginning of the Apex Legends Season 2. It’s a possibility that these creatures might prove to be a distraction later on in the Apex Legends life cycle in order to add more dynamics in the game. But this could also be too distracting for players to not only fight teams but fight players as well.

As we get closer to the beginning of the Apex Legends Season 2 we will be seeing some cool things happening around. Recently there have been reports also on the Leviathan Creatures being closer. So players can expect big changes coming to the game.

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