Apex Legends EXP Invitational X-Games Champions: TSM

Apex Legends EXP Invitational X-Games Champions TSM

The EXP Invitational X-Games had 80 global teams competing at the US Banks Stadium. With half a million dollars up for grabs and bragging rights for the inaugural event, three teams made it to the top. Here are the final results for the EXP Invite.

EXP Invitational X-Games Day 1

Day 1 of the EXP Invitational had teams from all over the world competing for a combined prize of $500,000. With some of the biggest names in Apex Legends competing, no one was sure what to expect. Luminosity Gaming kicked off the inaugural event, and everyone’s eyes were peeled to the screen. This tournament was special as it was the return of esports to ESPN’s X-Games. Additionally, it was the first major esports event for Apex Legends.

Throughout the first day, we had clear winners who were clearly leading the pack. Misfits, Reciprocity and T1 were at the top leading the rest of the group. Favorites NRG were sitting out of the top 10 and thing’s weren’t looking too hot for them. However, as the day dragged on, some teams moved into the top positions while others kept falling behind. NRG fell back to 15th place at the end of day 1, and TSM came out of nowhere with Tempo Storm and Reciprocity to fill the first 3 spots. Gen.G, another favorite, had an early elimination by Rogue. Gen.G wasn’t able to get out of first gear for the entire day after that.

Photos from the Event:

Apex Legends X-Games 2019
Source: ESPN
EXP X-Game Apex Legends 2019
ESPN X Games Apex Legends 2019
Esports Apex Legends EXP 2019
Source: ESPN
EXP Invitational X-Games Champions: TSM

The finals were exactly what Apex Legends esports fan could have asked for. An action-packed final filled with excitement. TSM were one of the favorites heading into the Apex Legends X-Games, followed by NRG who has one of the best squads on paper; consisting of Dizzy, Ace, and Mohr. TSM finished in 3rd place at the FACEIT Pro Series which meant that they were going to be a threat in this tournament. Additionally, T1 had a solid squad as well, finishing 2nd at FACEIT.

Saturday seemed to be all about TSM. They were consistently finishing in the top 5 spots of every match. Right behind them were Sentinels, Tempo Storm and Team Reciprocity, however, NRG was far behind. TSM, through their solid team play and consistent finishings, were able to grab gold. Here is how the top 3 looked like:

  1. TSM
  2. Team Reciprocity
  3. Sentinels

TSM has finally found top spot in a tournament, and Team Reciprocity were the shockers of the weekend as no one expected them to do as well as they did. It was a successful weekend for Apex Legends overall as the fans had a great time watching the event, and the players enjoyed every last bit.

The last Apex Legends esports event will be held in Krakow, Poland at the Apex Legends Preseason.

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