Apex Legends Fight Or Fright LTM Is Coming In Time For Halloween

Apex Legends Fight or Fright LTM Is Coming In Time For Halloween
  • Respawn Entertainment will be introducing a new event for Apex Legends called Fight or Fright, which will have a Halloween theme to it.

Apex Legends is bringing King’s Canyon back but with a night mode. The new LTM is going to throw the players into King’s Canyon at night. This LTM will be very unique as 34 players are going to enter the arena and some of them are going to be starting as Infected also if you get eliminated you’re going to be joining the ranks of the Infected. These infected players will try to stop the survivors. Kings Canyon is a smaller map and much more suitable for this amount of players. World’s Edge is roughly 50% bigger. However, it looks like that they will need to survive for long because with only 34 players most probably the infected players will have some extra health, etc. We do not know how long the survivors need to survive before they can earn Victory for now.

But we do know that the Survivors have one way to get out of the map and save themselves. They must wait for a helicopter and or an Evac ship to come and get them. This is very similar to Titanfall 2’s end game in some game modes players needed to Evac in order to prevent the other team to get a full victory.

The night version of Apex Legends King’s Canyon map is going to be a very nice experience for many players. Players have been asking for this for a long time now. But of course, there are some concerns over the lighting of the map. There are plenty of interesting locations at the Kings Canyon but there are some locations which is pretty dark. We do hope that Respawn Entertainment thought about these.

Maybe in the future seasons, Apex Legends will be able to introduce a new system for players to choose to play at night or in the morning. Apex Legends Season 3 started with a lot of hype with the new map and the new Legend Crypto. However, Apex Legends is once again targeted by players for microtransactions in the game coming with this LTM. Respawn Entertainment is trying its best with this LTM after the problems with the last one. However, players are still saying that the prices are very high and need to be more reasonable. We do hope that these issues will be resolved in the future.

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