Apex Legends Game Crash Costs Shroud 30K

Apex Legends Shroud and MrBeast Challenge

Famous Youtuber MrBeast $5,000 kill challenge takes turn for the worst as Shroud’s Apex Legends game crashes midway through 

There is not much that Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has failed to accomplish during his gaming career. He has made millions entertaining his fans while playing a wide variety of different game titles. However, unlike many other famous content creators, Shroud had never met Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson. MrBeast is an extremely popular Youtuber known primarily for his hefty donations and funny challenge videos.

Shroud set to surprise his viewers with a guest invite for his daily stream. He explains that they will split the KB&M load.


The two met for the first time on March 25th and of course MrBeast had a challenge in place for Shroud. MrBeast was on site for a sponsored Apex Legends video.

The Challenge

The highlight of the meeting was really to have MrBeast play keyboard and Shroud to play mouse. But no meeting with MrBeast can go on without a very simple challenge set in place for Shroud. A $5,000 bounty for every kill he would pile up during an Apex Legends game. The money would be for charity and of course Shroud was live streaming at the time. With MrBeast sitting by Shroud’s side, the Twitch superstar got to work.

Shroud quickly piled up 6 kills,, or $30,000, with 7 squads still remaining, but while looting his 6th kill is sent back to the lobby. Obviously, Shroud shows almost no emotions while stating: “Oh no, is this real?”, “Did that really just happen? Oh no, I was at 30 grand.”

In the end the challenge was all for charity as Shroud recovers from his elbow injury. By looking over the clip it almost looks like the game was deliberately crashed on the server side.

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