Apex Legends Halloween Limited Time Event So Far

Apex Legends Halloween Limited Time Event So Far

The Apex Legends Halloween limited-time event has almost been live for a week now. Let’s take a look at all the information we know so far.

Fight or Fright

October so far has been insanely bountiful for Apex Legends fans. After Season 3: Meltdown released on the 1st of October, we got a limited time special Halloween event as a treat. If you want to get the goodies and freebies of the event hop-in and play this limited-time event which already commenced from the time period of 15th October and will go on till November 5th. The event is heavily Halloween vibes inspired, we have an all-new Kings Canyon at night time which is accessible to the player for as long as the event continues. Apex developers previously said they had new plans for Kings canyon and they clearly did good on their word.

This event contains exclusive event challenges, Halloween inspired cosmetics and much more exclusive loot. Let’s get into it and see what is being offered to us in this event.

Kings Canyon in the nighttime – Shadowfall

The new Apex Legends mode brings a new dark twist to the battle royale mode that we have been used to. A lobby size of 34 is seen in the new mode unlike the previous count of 60. This game mode has a new take upon the death of players, now when you die you spawn as an undead version of your legend. You will lose your gear and legend abilities once you die and become part of the “Shadow Squad”. The fun lies in the fact that once you get converted you will obtain enhanced movement and jump speed along with the ability to scale walls and to compensate for your weapons you will be granted a devastating melee attack to attack the still alive ones.

The contest stops once a total of 10 legends are the only ones who are left alive. This is where the real essence of the mode kicks in. The alive legends will form an alliance to try to get to an evacuation ship whilst being attacked by the undead. So, in summary, the game doesn’t end for you when you die, a new battle between the shadow squad and the ones trying to escape begins.

Cosmetics and game items

Two new legendary skins namely Haymaker and Nocturnal Elegance have been introduced to Apex Legends for Alternator and Devotion respectively. Another skin for the R301 “Ghostly Graveyard” will be given to the players after the fulfillment of the required criteria.

A music pack “Fight or Fright” is obtainable by just logging into Apex Legends during the event period. Also, an awesome looking badge “Fight or Fright” is available to the players, upgradable till 3 tiers to show-off the dominance you displayed during the event.

In total there are 24 premium event-related cosmetics present for the players to get their hands on. These are obtainable via crafting, purchasing directly and opening exclusive apex event packs. However, the cost of crafting does not follow the usual rules. During this event, the crafting materials required to craft the exclusive cosmetics require more amount as compared to normal cosmetics.

The removal of event currency from apex packs has been done which results in more loot for the players with a guarantee this time of getting no duplicates.

Each event pack contains 3 items – 1 event item and 2 non-event items, with the event item holding the probability of dropping an epic or legendary skin equally. While the non-event items will have a  20% probability of dropping an epic item and 10% of dropping a legendary item. Basically, players can get assured good quality event-related loot.

Crypto has received a Dracula inspired skin, Gibraltar has been converted into straight-up Frankenstein and Caustic has been turned into a clown, who we don’t ever want to see in our dreams.

There is an added bonus for Lifeline players. Lifeline received an Heirloom item that is easily unlockable once you obtain all 24 pieces of cosmetics of this LTM. But, even if you don’t manage to do so during the event you can still obtain it by praying to the RNG gods while opening apex packs after the event ends.

Bonus XP

And just to put a cherry on the top of all this awesomeness the developers have provided a specific window from 10 am PST on October 25 through 10 am PST on October 28 to earn double XP for finishing in the Top 5 and winning the match. This bounty will easily put your battle pass and account level progress at a blistering pace.

Don’t wait up, go in-game grab a weapon and start the grind if you want to get the free cosmetics available by completing the quests. The Octane epic skin, the badge, the devotion and the alternator skin all are up for grabs, hurry up before the event reaches its end.

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