Despite The New Instadeath Bug, Apex Legends Will Bounce Back And Break Records

Despite New Instadeath Bug, Apex Legends Will Bounce Back And Break Records
Source: Kevin Moran

Apex Legends is becoming a mess of bugs. When Respawn goes to fix one issue, another one appears. Is this the final blow to a fly-by success? Or will Respawn bounce back?

Apex Legends Instadeath Bug

Apex Legends entered the battle royale scene with a bang. With the impressive milestones and hype around gaming communities, Apex was an instant success. However, things started going downhill for a variety of reasons. For one, there were hacking and cheating issues. Additionally, there were a lot of bugs in the game. Respawn and EA are now trying their best to not to please their current user base through patches and updates. But as we have said before problems are piling up. The latest major bug plaguing Apex Legends is the instadeath.

Yes, you heard it right, instadeath. The newest Apex Legends bug kills you instantly if you drop from a hatch in the Supply ship at a certain angle. No player wants to join a game and die instantly from an invisible barrier. Here’s how the death looks like.

On top of this, one Apex Legends user posted a video of the problems he’s encountered during playing Apex Legends. These problems include, lag, hit reg problem and crashes. This video got more than 3,500 upvotes in Apex Legends Reddit. It does show how serious the problems are in Apex Legends. Here’s the video below:

Apex Legends Still Has Potential

Despite the latest major instadeath bug, Apex Legends still has a lot of potential. The game had a very strong start to its lifecycle. Although the constant problems with the gameplay and hackers caused a drawback, the game did reach incredible milestones such as surpassing the 50 million players mark in a month. A recent report shows us that there was a 72% drop in the player count.

Even with news like that, Apex Legends needs a happy ending. EA had problems with many recent titles, and Apex Legends now has a vital role to play. The game needs a reverse trend, and we’re hoping that E3 will bring lots of hope and updates for the battle royale game. Many gamers forget that Fortnite wasn’t an instant success overnight, as Shroud, an ex-esports player has stated. Respawn has mentioned on the official EA blog that there will be several announcements at E3 such as the reveal of a new legend, updates and what to look forward to with Apex Legends. But what exactly will turn things around for Apex Legends?

We know that Respawn didn’t create Apex Legends just to die off. For one, Respawn continues to make updates for the game in order to improve user experience (banning players, fixing bugs). Although Respawn isn’t communicating much news, which Vince said he wants to work on, the news that does come out is significant

Additionally, there’s one tell-tale sign that shows Apex Legends has always been at the front for Respawn. Respawn Entertainment CEO, Vince Zampella, has never changed his Twitter avatar. Why is this important? Well, Vince communicates mostly on Twitter to the public. Even when Respawn worked on a big title like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Vince never changed his “Wraith” avatar to reflect his most current work. He still held onto Wraith’s avatar. Why? Well, because Apex Legends is a hybrid of TitanFall, which is Vince’s baby. There’s no way that Respawn will pour their heart out on a game as big as Apex and then let it die off. This is why we are eagerly waiting for major news at E3. When Apex Legends gets back on track, they will set new records.


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