The Apex Legends Leak That No One Believed a Year Ago

Game leaks happen all the time. It’s become incredibly popular that one cannot tell the difference between a bogus leak news, or legit leak news. Well this one Apex Legends Leak happened a year ago, and no one took it seriously. Let’s take a closer look.

The Apex Legends Leak That No One Believed a Year Ago

Apex Legends wasn’t built over night. Although many gamers weren’t aware of a new Battle Royale game coming onto the market, Apex Legends was well into production a year ago. However, this is where things get interesting. Roughly a year ago (exactly 11 months ago), a user on Reddit posted a picture of a map that looks exactly like Kings Canyon. At the time, the user wrote “Alleged Minimap for Rumored Titanfall Battle Royal Game” as the title of the Reddit post, and uploaded the picture.

Titanfall Battle Royale Map That is now Kings Canyon

Here is the picture that the user uploaded to the post in which he received a lot of downvotes for.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map Prototype Beta Development Titanfall Battle Royale
Image source: hiticonic Reddit

What’s fascinating to point out right away is that the map is mostly identical to what we see currently in the game. The bare bones of the Kings Canyon map was already finished with a few minor adjustments. But Respawn essentially knew exactly what they were going with. In comparison, here is the Kings Canyon Map in Apex Legends currently.

Apex Legends Map Kings Canyon
Image source: EA

Even the names of the locations are exactly the same. So technically, if Respawn wanted to release the game a year ago, they could have. Or maybe not, as there’s still players, mechanics, and a lot of testing that was still needed at that point in the time line. However, it’s still remarkable that someone was able to leak such a confidential image. Who would have been able to have gotten their hands on such important information at the time?

Who is hiticonic?

The user responsible for the iconic photo of the Titanfall Battle Royale map is named hiticonic on Reddit. Users were quick to point out an interesting observation that any frequent Reddit user would see; hiticonic history and title. As users have pointed out, hiticonic is the mod for many pages including:

  • r/apexlegends
  • r/ApexOutlands
  • r/ApexLFG
  • r/titanfallcirclejerk
  • r/adaptivecontroller

Did he just become moderator recently? Was he already known as part of the Respawn Entertainment staff, or better yet, dev team? Some users think so. Whatever the case is, the image was leaked back then for a reason, to get a response from the community and their thoughts on the Battle Royale map.

Negative Feedback

The leaked image was posted to get user feedback, that’s for certain. Despite the interesting picture, the post itself received many downvotes and had a 0 rating for popularity. Users also commented, saying things like:

  • “I really hope this doesn’t happen”
  • “They better not add battle royale in the next game”
  • “fake”

Ironically, despite the negative feedback from the Titanfall community, production continued, and in less than a year Respawn Entertainment released one of the most popular Battle Royale games.

Comparing the Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map to the Titanfall Battle Royale Map

If one were to combine the maps together, they would get this.

Titanfall Battle Royale Map against Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map
Image source: EA

Interestingly enough, the in-game map for Apex Legends leak currently is right side up, while the Titanfall Battle Royale map is sideways. Flipping the current Kings Canyon map on the side, it produces an exact copy of what is seen on the right from the Titanfall BR map. The exact overlap changes nothing, except for the 3-dimensional look of it.

However, there’s a few differences in the Apex Legends Leak.

1). The Thunderdome area has a circular wall around it, while the current Kings Canyon map doesn’t. It looks like the circular wall could even be the tail bone of the massive Apex Leviathan Creature.

2). “The Pitt” was original supposed to be named “The Arena”.

3). “Relay”, which is located at the top left of the Kings Canyon map was originally named “Satellite Dish”.

4). “Swamps” was called “Swampland” in the original map.

5).  “Hydra Dam” was originally called “Repulsor Tower”.

6).  “Repulsar” was originally called “Tank Base”.

7).  The Leviathan creatures seem closer to the land, however, it could have been just a mock-up as one could literally jump on the head of the Leviathan and run up it’s back in the original map.

There are probably more items that will surface, whether it be on Reddit, or some other social media channel. Apex Legends has become an instant hit and this seems like it’s only the beginning of interesting things to come. Nonetheless, it’s nice to know the team at Respawn Entertainment got things right quickly into the game.

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