Apex Legends New Map – World’s Edge Overview

Apex Legends New Map - World's Edge
  • One big difference has come with Apex Legends’ season 3, and that was the complete overhaul of King’s Canyon which is now known as World’s Edge.

Apex Legends New Map – World’s Edge

Apex Legends Season 3 has a new map. This was great news for the players because this is the second map since the launch. Apex Legends also has a new character and some small details changed here and there. This new map is called World’s Edge. Kings Canyon is taken out of the game. However, in the future, they will probably implement it back. But for now, players can only play on the new map.

The map has two biomes; one of them is like a snowy icy biome and the other one is volcanic. There are lots of green areas also. But maybe the most interesting thing about the map is you can go around the map on a train. Interestingly the train can be controlled by players to stop or start. This allows them to go around the map in a new and exciting way.

Also, there is loot inside the train. So be careful when you are going there. World’s Edge map is extremely colorful. It is much more vibrant than Kings Canyon for sure. It does look a little bit more cartoonish, but it is a welcome change to the dull scenes of Kings Canyon for sure.

About the new hero Crypto, we are not going to go into details about him in this article, however, you can be sure that when you’re looking through his drone the new map looks very very nice. Also, you will love playing with Crypto.

Apex Legends New Map Season 3
Source: Respawn Entertainment

In the new map, there are several important locations. The first one is the Epicenter is kind of like Big icicle, it’s basically on the northeastern part of the map. The second place to look out for the Thermal station, which is important players can find easy loot there. This map is a little bit bigger and it looks much nicer than the Kings Canyon for sure. For Apex Legends this is a really good and interesting move forward.

There are 15 zones that you can loot and drop down to. Also, there are geysers around the map which allows you to fly from one point to another one. like you do with the balloons. Also flying ballons are still in the game do not worry.

There are big buildings with several levels. These buildings are very interesting because there are like four-five levels inside and that is making landing and fighting very exciting. Also at the end of the game, if you’re like inside of one of these buildings and the circle is given to your buildings the intensity becomes real cause there can be several teams inside the same building. So be careful when you are positioning yourself and your friends inside these buildings.

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