Apex Legends Merchandise from EA PLAY Makes Its Way Online

Apex Legends Merchandise from EA PLAY For Sale Collectibles

EA PLAY attendees had the opportunity to score some awesome Apex Legends merchandise. Some collectibles were given out as promotional items, while others were purchased at the ‘merch’ store. Here are some items that have made their way online.

Apex Legends Merchandise

Since the release of Apex Legends, the community hasn’t seen much merchandise for their beloved battle royale game. In fact, the only things the community would see were custom-made art pieces, 3D printed weapons and an Apex Legend cookie. You could find Apex Legends t-shirts and other random items like the Apex logo printed on bed covers, but in the end, they weren’t official.

Some fans actually care about official merchandise. A video game community called Video Game Memorabilia Museum actually have a dedicated section in their forum to point out fake merchandise, so it does matter for many collectors. Regardless if that matters to you or not, EA PLAY brought a bunch of cool official Apex Legends merchandise. Some of the merch could be purchased at The Merch Booth (ex: t-shirts), while other items were handed out. Attendees even had the opportunity to greet Respawn Developers and get signed posters.

Now that EA PLAY is over with, some attendees have put some of the official merch from the show online. Most of the items were found on eBay, and we’ve listed some of the best items below.

Development Staff Signed Poster Bundle

APEX LEGENDS Respawn Dev Staff Signed Poster EA PLAY 2019

One of the attractions at EA PLAY was the opportunity to meet and greet the Respawn devs who worked on Apex Legends. You would need to wait in a long line-up before having your chance to get a poster signed with from the developers. It’s a really cool piece because developers are the backbone of video games, and we rarely ever see developers interact with the public. Communicating via social media is one thing, but to meet the people responsible for making the game is a whole other level. Here are a few images of how the interaction looked like with the Devs.

Apex Legends Respawn Developer Signing EA PLAY
Source: twitter.com/PlayApex
Signed Apex Legends Poster EA PLAY by Respawn Development Crew
Apex Legends Dev Signing Poster at EA PLAY
Source: twitter.com/PlayApex
Respawn Entertainment Signed Poster Apex Legends EA PLAY 2019

On top of getting a poster signed, the devs alongside the artists would sign 4×6 “staff cards”. For example, here’s one signed staff card that includes signatures from:

  • Tina Sanchez – Game developer
  • Micheal Altamirano – Environment Artist
  • Kristen Wong (Altamirano) – Environment Artist
  • Tri Do – Environment Artist
  • Robert Taube – Environmental Art Director
  • Brian Burrell – 3D Artist

APEX LEGENDS Developer Staff Signed Art Card Respawn Entertainment EA PLAY

What makes these pieces incredibly rare is that they are only done at major events, which happens once or twice a year. It’s rare to get a bunch of developers at the same event unless, of course, it’s E3. The Apex Legends Respawn dev signed poster is currently on ebay for $165 (item number 233252747373). The Respawn staff signed card has a price tag of $250 (item number 143288965357).

Additional Apex Legends Merchandise from EA PLAY

On top of the highly collectible poster and staff card, there are other items on ebay that were given out as promo items. One fan actually filmed the event and specifically the merchandise section where EA PLAY staff were handing out Octane’s stimpack:

The syringe filled with green goo is supposed to replicate Octane’s stimpack, which is a pretty neat touch by Respawn. Supposedly the green goo is edible, however, some of the sellers on ebay mentioned that they don’t recommend consuming it as it’s not sanitary. There are a few auctions that have the syringe filled with green goo, while others are empty. The price is all over the place as one seller has his Octane’s Stimpack at $50, while the other seller has it at $1 (item number 202703161121). Here are a few pictures of these promotional items:

2019 EA Play APEX Legends Collectible Syringe #EAPLAY Octane Stimpack

2019 EA Play APEX Legends Collectible Syringe #EAPLAY EA PLAY E3 2019

EA Play APEX Legends Collectible Syringe #EAPLAY EA PLAY E3 2019

Real Life Octane Stimpack Apex Legends EA PLAY Promotional Item

Additionally, there were Apex Legends collector pins (item number 264354926465)  that you could pick up at the event. Some were in individual packages or sold in an entire collection. There were also Caustic collectible cups (item number 143288050104) which were supposedly “exclusively” given out to selected badge holders. Attendees were also able to purchase Apex Legends gear, as one seller has an Apex Legends hat up for $50 (item number 303183458446).

Apex Legends Collectible Pin Set EA Play Exclusive Respawn Event

Play APEX Legends Collectible Cup #EAPLAY EA PLAY 2019 CAUSTIC Official Apex Legends Hat - EA play Event

Traditionally what happens after major gaming events like this is that we see a bunch of merchandise and collector’s items pop up online. Some sellers list their items for a fair price, while others try to make x3 ROI. However, if you’re a diehard Apex Legends fan and weren’t able to make it to the event, your only option (if you want any of these items) is to pay the sellers price.

Regardless of what the sellers are asking, it’s pretty awesome to have a chance of owning the signed dev poster/staff card as that’s literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. Considering how big Apex Legends will get, I can definitely foresee those items gain value.

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