Apex Legends New Game Mode Leaked

Apex Legends New Game Mode
Source: EA/Respawn

As Apex Legends Season 1 is getting closer, new leaks suggest that a new Apex Legends game mode might be right around the corner.

Popular game, Apex Legends is two weeks old and so far numbers have been extremely promising. However, the game still needs a lot of work to hold its ground as a major title. Hacking problem is the main issue, while crashes and bugs, combined with a 3-man squad only game type is another problem. Undoubtedly, Apex Legends players want a variation of new game modes. New leaks have surfaced, suggesting that there might be a new Apex Legends game mode on its way.

Apex Legends New Game Mode

Apex Legends Ranked Game Mode

The new Apex Legends game mode seems to be based on survival. According to @RealApexLeaks, the new mode will have a sort of Survival Arena type of vibe. The most interesting thing is, the files show there are supporters and crowds interacting with the players. If this true, it can be a first of its kind, having crowds interacting with players. Also, the files suggest that there might be commentators. The files were written like Player_did_okay or Player_did_great. This indicates a possible score element in the game mode.

Player Did Good
source: gamingintel.com
Apex Legends Crowd interaction
source: gamingintel.com

The new Apex Legends game mode introduction is a vital requirement for extending the game’s lifespan. Respawn’s main competitor right now is, Fortnite, which has many events under their belt. Fortnite also hosts Limited Time Modes, which keeps the game engaging as players anticipate new LTM’s set to for release.

Things look very good for Respawn Entertainment. They could not have asked for a hotter start with the mega release of Apex Legends. All that is left is to use other successful titles as a blueprint, to follow what works for them.

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