Apex Legends New Legends Leaked By That1MiningGuy On Twitter

Apex Legends New Legends Leaked By That1MiningGuy On Twitter
  • Apex Legends just released Season 3 with a new weapon and Legend. But from a recent leak, it looks like there is more coming.

Apex Legends Season 3 is here and we have seen big changes in the game. The game has been going on a rollercoaster ride, from having issues with hackers and annoying bugs in the game. But it seems that players are putting that behind them. In the previous seasons, these problems resulted in player loss and decreased the popularity of the game. On top of this, we have seen a feud between developers and the community. Things went as far as and developers calling the players freeloaders. Of course, this feud between the two parties has been resolved. But, there is still a problem regarding the microtransactions in the game. Apex Legends Season 3 brought us the new Legend called Crypto. He is a drone user Legend and a supporting character in the game. This was a great addition to the new season, and it seems like Respawn isn’t finished with new additions.

New Legends Leaked By That1MiningGuy

New leaks made it out recently from popular leaker “That1MiningGuy” on Twitter. According to these leaks, there are currently six Legends in development. These leaks can be misleading, as we’ve seen with the “Stranger things” event leak that was wrong in Fortnite. Regardless, we can see in these leaks that there are several more characters coming into the game. We can see Crypto in the production line in the picture and we see two more characters that are in production. One of them is named Revenant and the other one named Loba. In the Alpha design stage, we can see a character called Rampart and Valk.

In future characters, we can also see Blisk and Downfall also two characters that are TBD(to be decided). This means that developers are keen on supporting the game for a long time still.

These characters seem to be in development at the moment. However, currently, Apex Legends gameplay problem (disregarding bugs and hacks) is the gun variety. The new Charge rifle came into the game. We can see that players favor using a Charge rifle over other guns. Because it’s massively OP.

Also, there is some feedback from the players regarding that the recent weapons have been energy ammo using weapons. Players suggest that they want more rifles and submachine guns integrated into the game. We do hope that Apex Legends developers are listening to the player’s feedback and hopefully we will see some new weapons coming into the game. That is using light Ammo or heavy ammo which will expand weapon variety.

Also, we do hope that the Apex Legends season 3 gives us another Legend. The current game has a sufficient amount of Legends. However, variety is always important in a game such as Apex Legends because you can only play with three different Heroes each match and players would want more Legends.

The leaks, however, does not provide us with the weapons that might come into the game. For now, we just have to hope.

We do hope that you’re enjoying the latest season of Apex Legends. Hopefully, Apex Legends can make a comeback with this season.

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