Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass: Everything You Need To Know

Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass Everything You Need To Know
Source: Respawn

With the recent updates from Respawn Entertainment, things are looking brighter for Apex Legends. Here’s everything you need to know about the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Apex Legends Update

Respawn Entertainment recently announced their time-limited event called “The Legendary Hunt“. It’s essentially a challenge-based event whereas players need to complete tasks and in return receive Rare, Epic and Legendary skins. This update brought lots of positivity in the Apex Legends community as fans were waiting for any type of update regarding the game.

With E3 approaching, Respawn is planning to give more updates and a road map for Apex Legends. However, they’ve given some information regarding the next Season 2 Battle Pass in a recent EA Blog. Here’s everything we know for far about the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Season 2 Battle Pass

Although Respawn didn’t share too much in their latest blog posting, they will be waiting on June 8th at EA PLAY to reveal details. In the blog post, Lead Product Manager Lee Horn said the three words that every player wanted to hear, “We’ve been listening”. Lee continued saying that they’ve received all the feedback they need in regards to the Season 1 Battle Pass, and that they will be improving Season 2 based on this. Here’s what we know so far

  1. Players will be able to Level up via Daily and Weekly Challenges.
  2. Time reduction to Battle Pass level 100
  3. Rewards track will have 3 new skins
  4.  Badge and stat tracker rewards will be replaced with new content.
  5. You’ll earn enough Crafting Metal rewards from the full reward track to craft a Legendary item

Additionally, there will be a mix of daily and weekly challenges to level up your Battle Pass. Respawn is looking to win back the players who have left the game due to a lack of updates and content. If you’re not able to complete the daily and weekly challenges, they will still be there for you to complete.

New Legendaries

Respawn will be adding 3 new Legendary items to the Battle Pass. There will be a Legendary item for every 25 Battle Pass Levels in the premium track. Respawns goal here is to have a balance of character exclusives.

Crafting Metals

Respawn also mentioned that they are replacing the “Voice Lines” with Crafting Metal rewards. You can earn enough Crafting Metals to craft Legendary items.

We’ll need to wait till E3 to get more info on what Respawn has in store for us.

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