Apex Legends Season 2 Is Called “Battle Charge”. Wattson Introduced And L-Star Is The New Weapon

Apex Legends Season 2 Details From EA PLAY

Fans finally received details regarding Apex Legends Season 2 at EA PLAY today. Here are all the details from the event.

Respawn Locked and Loaded

In the weeks leading up to EA PLAY, Respawn made some important announcements. They released one of the biggest patches to date and introduced a time-limited event called The Legendary Hunt. This was exciting news for Apex Legends fans as Respawn has been quiet leading up to that point. One of the major complaints from users was the lack of communication coming from Respawn in regard to any updates for their battle royale game. However, one Respawn Dev gave an explanation stating that the company is just being careful with what they say publicly. He was pointing out that due to how quickly things change in the gaming industry, ideas and concepts can come and go. Essentially, they don’t want to have old statements used against them if they decide to

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Apex Legends EA PLAY Details

GoldenBoy was the host for the Apex Legends introduction at EA Play. He reiterated that we were going to see a brand new weapon, a new mode, an improved battle pass and a reveal of the 10th legend today. Let’s take a look at how the event unfolded.

JayFresh, community manager of Apex Legend showed viewers a deeper look into the new The Legendary Hunt event, and viewers would see the entire breakdown of how The Legendary Hunt works.

The Legendary Hunt Explained:

After The Legendary Hunt details, Drew McCoy, who is the Project Lead at Respawn Entertainment, presented the details of what players can expect in Season 2, as well as introducing the new weapon. He stated that Season 2 is coming July 2nd and will be called “Battle Star“. Respawn are trying to cram as much in season 2 as they can. Drew said that they took a lot of feedback from the community and are bringing a lot of cool stuff. Although he reiterated some of the points that Respawn has published on the EA Blog a week ago, he gave additional insights:

Drew also got to one of the reveals that Apex Legends fans were waiting for.

New Apex Legends Weapon L-Star:

The L-Star, brought back from Titan Fall 2 is introduced to the arena. The L-Star is a care package weapon because it’s so powerful. It will not use any existing ammo on the ground; only what the weapon holds from the care package. The L-Star is also incredibly powerful, enough to break doors. Here’s the introduction video:

Additionally, Drew said that players would be introduced to a variety of new skins for Season 2. He said that Respawn is upping their “skin game” in Season 2. For example, a new Caustic skin will be coming called “Prince of Darkness”.  Video below:

New Legend Introduced in Season 2: Wattson

The new Apex Legends “Legend” is Wattson, which many fans are familiar with as the name was leaked by dataminers months ago, however, no one knew what the character was going to look like, or what would be their special abilities. JayFresh introduced Wattson to viewers:

Here is Wattson’s character and abilities explained.



Wattson’s story is quite deep in Apex Legends. The story is that her father built the arena, and Wattson essentially “grew up” on it watching other Legends.

Additional Notes

Respawn has taken all the learning and put it in season 2 pass. There will be challenges on daily and weekly. They are getting stat trackers and badges. More crafting metals and new content. There will be meta changes to the weapons, as well as two new hop-ops coming in Season 2. There will also be new ways to play:

  • Ranked Mode Coming to Season 2: Rank mode you’ll progress through 6 tiers if you are good enough. Goes from bronze to Apex Predator. Uses special match-making. Throughout the season, you’ll gain tiers, and at the end of the season, you’ll get rewards. Great incentive.

Here’s everything explained in less than a minute:

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