Apex Legends Secret Tip – Hide and Seek

Apex Legends Secret Tip Hide and Seek
Image source: EA

Some of the best advice given for Apex Legends is how to maneuver around the map without putting yourself in a tough situation. Here’s an Apex Legends Secret Tip called “Hide and Seek”. 

Apex Legends Secret Tip

Respawn Entertainment did something special with their Battle Royale game. They incorporated special characters, or shall we call them, “Legends“. These Legends all have special abilities, separated by different tiers in Tactical, Passive and Ultimate abilities. If you want to understand the different abilities of Apex Legends characters, check out Game Life’s Apex Legends Guide. Although each character share a different abilities to make them different from one another, they all share the same movements.

What Respawn did was make all Apex Legends characters have the same default movements. So players of the game become accustom to the regular movement functions such as running, sliding, jumping, and climbing. But, most players don’t realize there are some hidden movements which aren’t exactly evident while playing Apex Legends. Some of these hidden movements can significantly help you in your game and sneak across the map to avoid some tense situations. Here’s an Apex Legends Secret Tip that every play should know.

Hide and Seek

When new players start playing Apex Legends, they have to learn a lot from the get go. Different abilities, different weapons, map layout and so forth. One of the most important components in the game is movement, and how to get an edge incorporating some neat tips and tricks such as how to move faster in Apex Legends. Another important factor that a new player should learn is how to glide further in the game.

These are all special tips that Apex Legends players need to pick up. Well here’s another cool Apex Legends Secret Tip that players should know about, and it’s called the hide and seek. Here’s a clip showing how players can utilize this simple trick.


The player in the video approaches the “Water Treatment” on the map. As many expert Apex Legends players already know, the Water Treatment location can be very punishing with enemies sniping you from a distance on top of the buildings. It’s a vulnerable area on the map as there’s really no way to move around the area without getting spot. It’s also a hot spot area where squads like to land from the deploy ship due to the amount of weapons available in this area.

Apex Legends Hide and Seek Movement Tip Trick
Image source: EA


Scooping Out the Scene

One trick that the player in the video demonstrates is the Apex Legends hide and seek maneuver. Essentially it allows you to see above certain platforms without being spot easily. Although one may not be able to spot snipers at a distance, a player can still spot activities in a distance, or better yet, a squad making their next move.

Apex Legends Hide and Seek Movement Trick Tip

The Apex Legends secret tip (hide and seek) involves the player to jump at the edge of any platform and tap the “jump” button once. What will happen next is that the Apex Legends character will hold onto the edge of the platform and “peek” their head around. This will give the player visibility without putting their body out there to be exposed. The player looks left and right to scope out the scene, and once there’s no direct threat, he proceeds to continue moving in his squad.

This Apex Legends secret tip can also be used at the edge of buildings at the top of the roof while you’re jumping to the next platform. Next time you play Apex Legends, try this cool trick and see how it will help improve your stealth mode.

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