Apex Legends Stats – Most Played? Top Guns?

Apex Legends Stats Statistics Infographic Graph Chart Data Most Used Top Gun

According to Reddit, and presented by user SevenPandas, here are the Apex Legends stats based on Most Playable Character, Most Desired Teammates, Least Desired Teammates, Top Guns, Best Team Combination and Bottom Three Guns. 

Apex Legends Reddit Community

A user by the name of SevenPandas has put together some Apex Legends stats. The only catch is that the statistics are based off of the Apex Legends Reddit community. Unless your a data scientist and have process in place to measure certain data from Apex Legends, most likely you’re just playing the game and not worrying about any stats.

However, for a lot of us, these stats compiled by SevenPandas is quite interesting, and paints a clear picture of which character everyone enjoys playing the most, or what gun do people like to carry with them. The fact that the data is measured from the Apex Legends Reddit community is a tell tale sign of what the majority of gamers like to users since the reddit community represents 628,000 users as of this writing. Lets have a look at what the stats look like.

Most Played Character in Apex Legends

Possibly the most popular question in regards to data with Apex Legends; many players must wonder who gets chosen the most. It’s quite surprising as everyone’s first guess would have to be Wraith. For crying out loud, even Respawn Entertainment’s CEO Vince Zampella has Wraith as his Twitter avatar. so how could she not be the most played character? Well, she’s not. That award goes to Lifeline.

Apex Legends Most Used Character Playable

Most Used Weapons in Apex Legends

The top three weapons used in the game are the Wingman, the Peacekeeper and the R-99 sub machine gun. Surprisingly the R-99 made it above the R-301 as the R-301 is stronger on paper. However, the R-99 shoots faster which may be the reason it is chosen over the 301. The Wingman and Peacekeeper are not only the most used, but the most available in the game. They are one of the first weapons that players find when they drop down from the deploy ship.

The Wingman and Peacekeeper deal a lot of damage, and are extremely lethal in close battles which is perhaps the reason why players hold onto these weapons. Although the Peacekeeper and Wingman don’t hold many bullets, if the aiming is done right then there’s no need to worry about bullet count.


Least Used Weapons in Apex Legends

Alternatively, the last weapons used in-game would be the P2020, the RE-45 and the very popular Mozambique. Out of the three, the Mozambique deals the most damage up close, however, the bullet spread if quite awful which limits players in-game. The only place to use it would be in a tight room, or if you’re lucky, up-close with an enemy. The Mozambique also has 3 bullets, and doesn’t load as fast as the Wingman which is probably the reason players drop this weapon as soon as they find an alternative one, such as the ones mentioned above. The P202 and the RE-45 are not very powerful. However, if these two are the only weapons at your disposal then you’ll need to deal with what you have.


Most Desired Teammates in Apex Legends

There are four characters that are most desired in Apex Legends, while the others fall way behind. These four players are:

  • Lifeline
  • Bangalore
  • Bloodhound
  • Wraith

Surprisingly Wraith comes in 4th place when looking at the data from Apex Legends Reddit page. Lifeline takes the cake, almost taking a 50% stake. This probably has to do with the fact that Lifeline is able to heal her teammates, or if she’s alone, heal herself. Lineline also drops a supply drop which holds some high level items. Bangalore is very useful in terms of fending off enemies, and using her special abilities to create confusion or destruction. Bangalore has a special ability where she propels smoke grenades. They are pretty effective as the smoke takes up a lot of her surroundings, thus, enabling her to escape vulnerable situations.

Bloodhound comes in 3rd place, and this is probably because of the seeking ability Bloodhound has. He is able to scan areas, and his ability regenerates quickly, allowing him to see where the enemy squad is at more frequently. His Ultimate ability is also very damaging to squads who are not expecting this.

Apex Legends Most Desired Teammates In Game


Least Desired Teammates in Apex Legends

Alternatively, the least desired players are Caustic and Gibraltar compared to other players. Although both characters are extremely useful, perhaps the lack of desire to choose them would have to be about their in-game pace. Repsawn Entertainment has officially come out and stated that all players are equal in speed. Here’s an excellent video demonstraing all of the characters speed done at the same time.

Given the fact that all characters run at the same speed, why does Caustic and Gibraltar look a lot slower? Well, it has to do with the character animation, aka the arm swinging back and forth while running. Perhaps Respawn Entertainment wanted to give the illusion of “bulkiness” and “slow movement” due to the large equipment and outfits that both characters use.

Least Desired Teammates in Apex Legends

Best Team Combinations in Apex Legends

The best Apex Legends character combinations are LifeLine, Bloodhound and Bangalore. They all have made the top four place for most used characters, so it would only make sense and be fitting that this combination works the best. Ideally, you’d want to always have someone use Lifeline in your squad so that she can heal the team when needed, as well as having two attack characters such as Bloodhound and Bangalore.

Best Apex Legends Character Combinations

These stats are based off of just the Apex Legends Reddit page, and was conducted by SevenPanda.

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