Art from Reddit Makes Its Way To The FACEIT Apex Legends Tournament

Art from Reddit Makes Its Way To The FACEIT Apex Legends Tournament
Source: Reddit/FACEIT

Updated: June 12, 2019: A Reddit user posted some of their artwork of Apex Legends back in February after the game’s successful release. Months later, his artwork made it to the FACEIT Pro Series Apex Legends tournament.

Apex Legends Art

The Apex Legends gaming community has seen some amazing artwork from talented artists. Gamers who fell in love with the game immediately started drawing their favorite characters. Some artists did renditions of”Legends” on their computer, while others took a different route and made mini models out of clay. Many of the art for Apex Legends was showcased at the game’s official Reddit channel. We’ve even featured some of the brilliant work done by some of the Reddit users on that site.

One particular user by the name of u/a_wild_tee_appears had posted some retro-style images of Pathfinder and Lifeline. Initially, u/a_wild_tee_appears had posted the Pathfinder 80’s style image to be used as a background for your mobile phone. It received so much attention that he created Lifeline next. Some users were asking if he had high-resolution versions of the images as they would like to print them out as a poster, which u/a_wild_tee_appears did. He was kind enough to offer the entire community these awesome images free of charge. Well, it looks like Reddit users weren’t the only ones who took appreciation of this art.

(UPDATED) Art from Reddit Makes Its Way To The FACEIT Apex Legends Tournament

FACEIT announced via their Twitter account that they would be hosting the “first officially licensed” esports tournament for Apex Legends. For those who are unfamiliar with FACEIT, they are a platform for competitive gaming that features games like CS:GO and PUBG.

The FACEIT Pro Series started on Friday and would have sixteen of the best Apex Legends teams compete. Although the tournament was overshadowed by a cheating incident, there was something more positive to note down. Viewers of the Apex Legends FACEIT tournament might have noticed a familiar image in the background of the casters room. It was an image of Pathfinder and Wraith; the same artwork that was posted on Reddit months ago by u/a_wild_tee_appears.

Reddit user u/a_wild_tee_appears, also known as “Ninja Design” contacted us to let Game Life know that he worked directly with FACEIT, who paid him to have his work appear on the first Apex Legends esports tournament. Ninja Designs said that “they’ve been very nice and professional to deal with“. One thing we can notice is that FACEIT has an excellent taste as they choose the same art that we listed as our favorite.

Throughout the tournament, both Daniel Kapadia and James Bardolph (casters) were commentating from a room that had the two images on the back wall. It’s definitely an amazing gesture to have your artwork get a lot of attention on Reddit, especially in the heart of the Apex Legends community. But it’s also just as amazing to have an official esports platform interested in having your work added to their studio room.

If you wish to check out more of his artwork for Apex Legends, including the two that were featured at the FACEIT Pro Series, click here.

Artwork from Apex Legends Reddit User
Source: FACEIT

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