Best Hiding Spot in Apex Legends

Best Hiding Spot in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have started to look for new secret spots in the game after Respawn Entertainment removed the “bunker trap” spot. One user submitted this nice hiding spot which is hides you from enemy squads nearby. But is this the best hiding spot in Apex Legends?

Old Hiding Spot Removed – “The Bunker Trap”

Respawn Entertainment, creators of the hit battle royale game came out with an update earlier this month. It was the first Apex Legends season called the Wild Frontier. In the update, users saw new additions such as the Octane character, skins, icons, and new badges. The community overall wasn’t too pleased with this update. Others were more upset with an infamous hiding spot in the bunker location on the King’s Canyon map. Coined the “bunker trap“, users saw a removal of a specific platform that was placed on top of one of the doors of the rooms in the bunker location.

There was some backlash about the removal. Respawn Entertainment never mentioned why they removed this trap. Moreover, it probably has to do with number of complaints players filed. It’s essentially an interface of the mechanics of the game. If players are able to hide in the bunker trap, they can instantly kill enemy squads if they play their cards right.

Best Hiding Spot in Apex Legends now?

One user submitted a video showing possibly the best hiding spot in Apex Legends. Although there are a variety of other hiding spots in the map, such as blending in with some bushes near buildings, or hiding in between some boulders. But this particular spot isn’t any of the generic hiding spots. It’s a spot found in “Artillery“. A section of the map that is a heavy traffic area in terms of drop locations and enemy looting.

Typically, Artillery is a drop zone for many squads as there are many areas to loot from. If your squad can successfully come out on top of the other squads in this area, there’s a high probability that you will be armed with some high tier items. Keeping in mind that this is a heavy traffic area. Sometimes the drop into “Artillery” doesn’t go exactly as planned as other squads glide in to the area you just pinged.

There’s not many places to hide in this location of the map without being found by the enemy. One user was able to find an interesting spot. You’ll b able to hide without being noticed by other players.

Artillery Hiding Spot

In the video, the player is seen dropping to the West side of Artillery. It’s a typical spot for squads to land in as it normally holds many weapons for players to pick-up. But if you land in this area and notice other squads got there first, you could always run towards the left side pipe and take cover. It’s a brilliant spot as no one ever checks there. Enemies would have to specifically look inside the pipe to see if anyone is hiding, which no one does.

Alternatively, there’s some room in the back of the pipes where one can hide. However, enemy squads could spot you if they are coming from above. But with the pipe spot, it’s really your best bet to avoid enemy squads who reaction this section of Artillery first and then break loose one everyone leaves.

Apex Legends Hiding Spot in Battle Royale Kings Canyon Map

But for this hiding spot to work, you’ll need to recognize that you’re late to this area. You”ll then need to take cover as soon as possible as there’s not much time to wait before you get spotted. Although this spot isn’t exactly the same as the “bunker trap” spot above the door in the bunker, it’s still a safe heaven from other players. The only time that this wouldn’t work is if someone else is in there, which the chances of that happening isn’t huge.

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