Bizarre Apex Legends Items Made by Fans

Bizarre Apex Legends Items Made by Fans
  • There are many creative Apex Legends gamers out there that are putting their artistic and creative ability to the test. Some have created some amazing artwork while others create rap videos. However, we look at bizarre Apex Legends items that fans have put together. Pictures below.
Bizarre Apex Legends Items Made By Fans

We’ve seen some creative stuff from fans of the game. Things like the Apex Legends rap song by Lifeline, the Wraith Kunai Knife replica and some amazing Apex Legends art. What if you heard about an Apex Legends gingerbread cookie? Or Legends door signs? Well, we have all of that below so check out some of the most bizarre apex legends items.

Apex Legends Cookie Cutter Set

One business decided that they would take their love of the game and combine it with another love; cookies! A company by the name of 3DART that create cookie cutters have put together some neat cookie cutters in the shape of the Apex Legends logo. The iconic letter “A” for Apex was a great idea and cookies will taste a whole lot better now that they are shaped in the Apex Legends logo. Here are some pictures of the set.

Apex Legends Cookie Cutter Logo Bizarre Items by Fans
Image source: 3DART
Apex Legends Logo Cookie Cutter
Image source: 3DART

If you’re hosting a gaming party or tournament, and it involves some games of Apex Legends, then why not serve Apex Legends Cookies?

Apex Legends Cufflinks

Sticking to the logo of the game, the “A” has made it’s way to accessories. To be clearer, someone has come out with Apex Legends Cufflinks. The owner’s name is goddessafashions, and they create a whole assortment of different accessories. But these ones are particularly impressive.

Apex Legends Cufflinks Logo Inspired
Image source: goddessafashions

Going to prom? Special occasion? Why not sport these really cool looking cufflinks? The cufflinks are handmade of polymer clay, silver-colored (not sterling), and print. They are not waterproof which is perhaps the only downfall of these. But nonetheless, it’s a really creative idea.

Apex Legends Gingerbread

Just when it seems that everything has been throughout, someone comes along and bakes Apex Legends Gingerbread cookies. Look at the love put into this piece.

Apex Legends Gingerbread Cookies Food
Image source: gleb1806

A fan by the name of gleb1806 baked this really cool gingerbread cookie. It’s in the shape of a rectangle which is supposed to resemble the “A” in Apex. gleb1806 also took it a step further and wrote the word “Apex Legends”. They styled it to look exactly the same as the Apex Legends logo which is neat. And the right color background red was applied. It’s a simple, but a creative piece that must taste delicious!

Have you seen other bizarre items that you would like to have mentioned? Contact Game Life and share with us some Bizarre Apex Legends items.

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