Can You Reach the Leviathan Creatures in Apex Legends?

Can You Reach the Leviathan Creature Apex Legends Dinosaur Monster Easter Egg
Image source: EA

Updated: June 12, 2019: One of the first things players of Apex Legends noticed were those large alien, monster looking things (called Leviathan). These creatures just stand in one area of the Kings Canyon map, and they are so big it’s hard to miss them. Can You Reach the Leviathan creatures in Apex Legends? And what’s the backstory of them?

*Update on Apex Legends Season 2 below

What are those Creatures in Apex Legends?

One of the first things you notice when you play Apex Legends are those large alien looking creatures in the ocean. It’s hard to miss them as they are pretty big. These creatures are supposdely called “Leviathan” as Titanfall wiki states here. But why are we looking at Titanfall for these creatures? Because Titanfall was made by Respawn Entertainment, and Apex Legends is a spinoff from that franchise.

There are many connections made between the two to merit that. Which is why these creatures looked familiar as they were indeed featured in Titanfall.

Apex Legends Leviathan Titanfall Creature Alien in Water
Image source: Youtube

The Apex Legends Leviathan creature appeared on the planet Leviathan in Titanfall. Specifically on the map called Boneyard, which showcases large alien bones which presumably are those of the Leviathan alien creatures. These large monsters don’t actually do anything in the game other than being background animation. As is with Apex Legends where you see these monsters move a little and not really progressing in any direction.

Apex Legends Leviathan Sea Creature Alien Monster in Ocean Water
Image source: EA
Can You Reach the Leviathan Creatures in Apex Legends?

The million dollar question is; can you reach the Leviathan Creatures in Apex Legends? Unless you’re in a party of 3, you won’t be able to do this test. You could however do this test if you are the “Jumpmaster” and just wait to exit the drop ship when you’re at the very end of it’s path near the Leviathan Creature. But that won’t be nice for your teammates, and they might end up leaving the game as you’ll be taken as a jokester.

In a party, it’s better organized, and everyone is on the same page. If you wanted to try this test yourself, ideally you’ll want to have the drop ship heading in the direction of the alien monsters on Kings Canyon. However, this test has already been tried and the short answer is no, you can’t reach the Leviathan creatures on the map. This is what happens when you try.

Invisible Wall?

When you head in the direction of the monsters and wait till the very end to deploy, you’ll notice something strange. Instead of deploying towards the alien creatures, the “Legends” deploy in the direction of the actual map. In the video above, you clearly see that as they are looking towards the monsters and deploy, the camera angle instantly changes to look towards the map.

As the players turn around and head towards the Leviathans, something else happens. The players start gliding downwards, not forward. There seems to be an invisible wall that prevents the players from moving forward in hopes of reaching these prehistoric dinosaur looking creatures.

How to Reach Creatures in Apex Legends Map Kings Canyon Alien Monster
Image source: EA

As soon as you hit this invisible wall, you start to move downward head straight into the waters. At this point it seems that you’ve done to far a head to be able to turn back towards the map and land. It’s at this very moment that you feel the disappointment, and frustration that Respawn Entertainment figured many gamers would try to find a way to land on the prehistoric dinosaurs.

Even if you implemented the “how to glide further in Apex Legends using balloons guide” that Game Life has put together, it still won’t work trying to reach the Leviathans.

Get to Dinosaur in Apex Legends Map Kings Canyon Alien Monster
Image source: EA

In the end, you’ll fall into the water and die instantly. You’ll be awaiting recovery, in which no sane teammate would attempt to jump into the ocean. Although the Leviathan creatures are unreachable, perhaps there might be future Apex Legends patches that might enable an easter egg for these monsters. Perhaps, we might even be spoiled by Respawn Entertainment and get a backstory to these prehistoric dinosaurs. Only time will tell, but if there are some of you who are brave enough to try different angles at the Leviathans, by all means, go for it.

Apex Legends Season Season 2 Update: June 12, 2019

After EA PLAY wrapped things up last weekend, Apex Legends fans were left wondering what was that large creature at the end of the trailer. Specifically, The Host of the Apex Legends EA PLAY segment, GoldenBoy, asked Drew McCoy “what was that?” after the giant creature eyeball was shown in the trailer. Here’s the video in question:

Drew was very clear that no one was to find out what that creature was. Would we see any reveal in Apex Legends Season 2? Fans are waiting for Respawn Entertainment to reveal some hidden clues over the next couple of weeks leading up to the next season. Although we found out from above that you cannot land on the creatures, perhaps now there will be an option in the new season that will include engagement with these creatures.

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