Cheater Gets Banned Live During Apex Legends Match. “The Devs Are Watching”

Cheater Gets Banned Live During Apex Legends Match. The Devs Are Watching
Source: Liam MacDonald Concept Artist Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is keeping their promise and banning cheaters in Apex Legends, even as far as banning them instantly in matches. One lucky player captured all of its glory live. Watch the cheaters get wiped out in seconds.

Respawn Stepping Up Their Bans

A few months ago, Respawn gave an Anti-Cheat update, reassuring their user base that they are doing everything they can to combat cheaters. In their update, Respawn said that they have banned and blocked over 1 million accounts. Specifically, they banned 770,000 players, blocked over 300k accounts and banned another 4000 spam accounts. This was roughly two months ago, so those numbers have probably increased since then. They continued to say that their efforts have literally decreased the number of cheaters in-game by half.

One interesting point in Respawn Entertainment’s update was that they have “resources and tools” to detect who is cheating in the game. Despite hackers finding new techniques to bypass the system, Respawn made it clear that they will find new methods to catch them.

“We take cheating in Apex Legends incredibly seriously and have a large amount of resources tackling it from a variety of angles. It is a constant war with the cheat makers that we will continue to fight.” – Respawn

Cheater Gets Banned Live During Apex Legends Match

It seems that there are still players who are testing their fate and trying to use aimbots in-game. Well, Respawn wasn’t joking when they said they “have a large amount of resources” to tackle new cheats. One Apex Legends team found out quickly how fast Respawn acts in banning cheaters.

In one recent match, one player was able to record the whole event take place. Earlier in the match, ShivFPS and his friends were eliminated by another group. They were highly suspicious of how they were eliminated by them, so they decided to stay in the game and watch through the screens of the players who eliminated them. Well, their suspicions proved to be right as one of the suspected players were instantly banned live during the match, and all of its glory is caught on video:

The player who recorded the match, ShivFPS, was screaming ecstatically saying, “Get fu****! Get fu****!“. His friends were also laughing hysterically as they couldn’t believe how fast the ban was, and that it was done live in front of them. However, there were two players left of the team of the cheating player. ShivFPS and his friends were wondering if the last two players would get banned also since they were in the party with a cheater. Watch what happens below:

As they continued watching through the other players’ screens, both players were wiped out in an instant; getting banned as well. ShivFPS and his friends cheered as they were ecstatic of the outcome. They then said,

“The Devs are watching”

Although we know that’s not possible, considering how fast the cheaters got banned seems as if the Respawn devs were watching the game and banned them right away. It’s an amazing sight to see and this is definite proof that Respawn is not playing games. They have been serious about cheaters and hackers since day 1, and they proved how fast one can get banned if using cheating programs.

Respawn just released Season 2, and with all the new content and updates, there will definitely be a new wave of users who will not follow the rules. Additionally, last month there was a popular incident in the first Apex Legends esports event that saw a cheater. With this instant ban we just saw, it seems like the right tools are in place to keep the user experience positive in games. It will be interesting to get an update on the number of accounts that were banned for going against the terms of use.

If you suspect of someone cheating in Apex Legends, you can report a cheater here.

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Concept Artist Respawn Entertainment

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