Chris Burks Shares Some Amazing HD Images from Apex Legends

Chris Burks Shares Some Amazing HD Images from Apex Legends
  • Chris Burks, artist for Respawn Entertainment has shared some Apex Legends HD images over at ArtStation. Here are some images that he worked on with his team.
Chris Burks – 3D Artist at Respawn Entertainment

Chris Burks works at Respawn Entertainment as a 3D artist. He recently shared some images from Apex Legends that he’s worked on such as the dropship, and certain loot from the game. Interestingly enough, the dropship in Apex Legends is actually called the “Goblin” according to title Chris has in his portfolio over at ArtStation. Chris didn’t do all of these by himself of course, as he’s part of the talented Art Division working on 3D assets used in-game.

Chris’ ArtStation portfolio also showcases some concept work he’s done which is impressive to say the least. You can see them here:

Apex Legends HD Images

Chris Burks shared a bunch of Apex Legends HD images on his ArtStation account. It’s quite interesting seeing these 3D images in high definition as players are just use to seeing them in-game, and not really admiring the work put into them as they are trying to fend off enemy squads. But luckily for us, Chris shared HD images that are just spectacular. And you don’t need to worry abou enemy squads around you while looking at them. Here’s the first image which is the dropship.

Apex Legends Goblin Dropship

The first item that Chris shares from Apex Legends is the Apex Legends dropship, which is called the Goblin. The high definition images showcase the true beauty of the small ship. The images of the dropship shows all angles, from the outside of the ship to the inside. Chris’s comment about the Goblin:

The Goblin Dropship was an existing vehicle that I updated. Working under the direction of Brian Burrell I added air brakes to the model and darkened areas of the bottom to give the vehicle a stronger silhouette against the sky. Exterior texture work includes grime, dents, decals on rear door and streaks as well as making areas of the vehicle appear to have been damaged and re-painted. Can you find the smiley face? Interior work included concept , modeling and texturing.”

Although we weren’t able to find the smiley face, perhaps one of you will? Here are the HD images below:

Apex Legends Dropship Chris Burks Front View HD 3D Image
Image source: Chris Burks @ Respawn Entertainment

Here, we can see the front view of the dropship which is typically seen from players respawning their teammate who got eliminated. The Apex Legends Goblin dropship flies down to drop off the player who was eliminated, giving him a second chance. The backdoor of the ship opens and releases the player back onto the battle field.

Dropship in Apex Legends Concept Art Chris Burks 3D Picture
Source: Chris Burks @ Respawn Entertainment

Inside the Dropship

Additional images are shown of the Goblin dropship from the top. Typically, players would see this angle when they drop into the “Airbase” location on the Apex Legends map towards the South-East side, where players will find a dropship parked on a platform.

Respawn ship Apex Legends Art Chris Burks dropship
Image source: Chris Burks @ Respawn Entertainment

The image above shows the inside of the Apex Legends dropship. The only other time players will see this is if they go onto the platform in the “Airbase” location and enter the ship to pick up some of the loot or weapons that are placed inside it.

Inside Apex Legends Dropship Chris Burks
Source: Chris Burks @ Respawn Entertainment

The last image of the dopship shows the “respawn” view for players who get respawned by their teammates. Although you can also see the inside from Airbase, the redness inside the ship only occurs during a respawn.

Apex Legends Loot HD Images

Although the dropship images were impressive, there’s something about the next set of Loot images that attract the eye, which is probably the nice glossy look, and up-close details of the loot. Players are not able to get this kind of detail in-game, which makes these set of images extra special. Chris said on his page that “People have their favorite weapons, People have their favorite characters, But everyone uses the loot! Shield Cell, Shield Battery, Phoenix Kit and Down Shield were concepted by Danny Gardner and modeled and textured by me. The Banner Card Holder was concepted by Ryan Lastimosa and modeled and textured by me.  The Ultimate Accelerant was all my fault.”

Shield Battery Body Shield Apex Legends Loot HD Image Chris Burks
Source: Chris Burks @ Respawn Entertainment
The HD image shows the two Shield Battery items. The larger Shield Battery regenerates your body armor at 100%, while the other smaller Shield Battery charges only one bar. Other items in here are the Phoenix Kit and downshield. Although the Phoenix Kit has a shiny golden metallic look in these HD images, in-game it appears to be purple as purple highlights high-level loot. The Phoenix Kit ultimately regenerates your body shield and health to 100%.
Phoenix Kit Hd Image Apex Legends Loot Chris Burks
Image Source: Chris Burks @ Respawn Entertainment

Ultimate Accelerant and Banner Card

This high definition image of the Phoenix Kit is not only satisfying on the eyes but looks like a nice chocolate bar, wrapped up in a slick metallic cover. Alright, maybe that’s pushing it, but the nice glossy touch to the Phoenix Kit, mixed with the gold, black and white colors was nicely put together.

Ultimate Accelerant HD Image Apex Legends Chris Burks
Source: Chris Burks @ Respawn Entertainment

Next is the Ultimate Accelerant, which is heavily popular with the Apex Legends character “Lifeline”. This is an interesting close-up that shows the Ultimate Accelerant in great detail. What looks to be a bunch if batteries stuck together on the right, and a and some information written on the left side of the pouch. What’s interesting is that the pouch can be zipped up. So what is seen in the game is the pouch unzipped which one wouldn’t have been able to tell just by looking at it on the map. Not a very important detail, but still quite interesting to say the least.

Apex Legends Ultimate Accelerant HD Image Chris Burks
Image Source: Chris Burks @ Respawn Entertainment

The last image in the Loot set shows the Banner Card Holder and Accelerant device.

Apex Legends Forklift and Utilities

Chris also posted some interesting items that are placed on the map for cosmetic purposes and don’t really hold any use such as the Forklift and Utilities aka interplanetary HVAC unit. That’s right, even in Apex Legends the buildings hold AC units to keep the user experience fresh.

Apex Legends Utilities HVAC Unit in Game Chris Burks
Source: Chris Burks @ Respawn Entertainment
Forklift in Apex Legends Concept Art Chris Burks
Image Source: Chris Burks @ Respawn Entertainment

As Chris has mentioned in his profile at ArtStation, Chris was tasked with replacing a Forkilist, so he put a concept together, modeled and textured it. For the utilities he created, Chris said: “These were a couple of utility props I re-imagined based on existing assets.” If you’re interested in seeing more work done by the artists at Apex Legends, there are some nice images here.

If you’re interested in knowing what Software Chris used, he listed these under his proficiency (although it’s not clear if some or all were used in adding the effects).

  • Maya
  • Substance Painter
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • ZBrush
  • Unreal Engine

Thanks to Chris Burks for providing these images to the community.

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