Dr Disrespect Doesn’t Like Apex Legends. “It’s an Incomplete Product”

Dr Disrespect Doesn't Like Apex Legends. It's an Incomplete Product

Dr Disrespect answers one of his viewers when asked why he doesn’t like Apex Legends anymore. This is his response.

Apex Legends Has Declined

Over the last two months, Apex Legends has lost a lot of momentum. It’s one thing to say it, it’s another thing to prove it, and all the proof is shown on the Twitch website. Twitch viewership for Apex Legends has went from 400,000 to 30,000. Many fans were blaming the game’s lack of updates. Others were blaming Respawn Entertainment for not adding the Battle Pass sooner. Once the Battle Pass was finally released, users were pointing out the lack of changes and additions to the game. Now, Apex Legends is lucky to get over 30k views at any given time (source here).

Not only were users pointing out the decline of Apex Legends over social media and Reddit, popular streamers like Shroud and Dr Disrespect were adding their input to the whole ordeal.

Dr Disrespect Doesn’t Like Apex Legends

During one of Dr Disrespects recent streams, one of his viewers asked him why he doesn’t like Apex Legends anymore. This is Dr Disrespects response to the question.

The Doc gave his honest opinion, and basically said that the game is an “incomplete product“. He referred to the game as a “demo”, and that he’s not able to play the demo for very long. It’s a rather harsh opinion given that the Doc was one of the top streamers to promote the game. However, you need to look at it from a business perspective.

“Ultimately that’s what Apex feels like. It’s a demo. With what’s on there right now, in terms of content.”

Dr Disrespect streams and makes a living doing so. He gets advertisement deals, donations from viewers and affiliate commissions. But this can only happen if he has followers that engage in his videos. If Dr Disrespect doesn’t have many viewers, his brand becomes less popular and his revenue declines. However, because we’re talking about Dr Disrespct here, we hardly believe he’ll have any trouble getting endorsement deals.

Nonetheless, Dr Disrespect needs to be on top of his game and go where the viewers are. If no one if viewing his videos due to a declining game, it makes no sense for him to stick around and continue streaming Apex Legends. This is probably the very reason why Dr Disrespect is playing Fortnite right now. The viewership is astounding and he’ll have more engagement with Fortnite than he will with Apex Legends.

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