Dr Disrespect Triggered Over Apex Legends Audio

DrDisrespect Triggered over Apex Legends
source img: DrDisrespect Twitch

Audio seems to be an ongoing issue with Apex Legends as Dr Disrespect lets his viewers know what he thinks about it.

With Apex Legends now a month old, bugs and glitches loom over players, as a much needed update should be on the way. Also, Respawn Entertainment is trying to tackle the in-game hacking problems that continue to climb. Although the game is being praised by most, many streamers are now getting comfortable and are starting to voice their displeasure with some parts of the game.

The Doc Triggered

Dr Disrespect is not one to shy away when he does not like something. His viewers tune into his streams mostly for his entertainment over his skills. However, for anyone who follows the Doc, they are custom to seeing him trigger at any point, for the smallest things.

An enemy using Mirage, was simply able to walk up to him and shoot him without any audio incoming. It’s very clear by listening closely that he has a point, as no audio seems heard. Dr Disrespect states, “I gave this free to play game a compliment about their audio and this dude is like gliding, running and nobody can hear him.” Here is a video of his little outburst:


Audio problems in Apex Legends is a well-known fact. Some parts of the map, the game’s audio is extremely accurate, while others spots contain dead zones, where you cannot hear footsteps. So Dr Disrespect rage over the Apex Legends audio is correct. The innumerable bugs of Apex Legends is starting to get out of hands. With Season 1 due for release any day now, Respawn has their work cut out for them as new problems seem to arise on a daily basis.

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