HeyImBee Has Awkward Moment with Teammate. Gets called “Fortnite Kid”.

Heyimbee Get's Called Fortnite Kid. Teammate Leaves Game. Apex Legends

A popular streamer by the name of Heyimbee encountered a fellow gamer who has zero tolerance for chit chat. What he says next is quite hilarious.

Who is Heyimbee?

Bianca, also known by her popular streamer name HeyImBee is an Australian gamer known for playing Minecraft. She started YouTube way back in 2009 posting random videos. Heyimbee really became popular with her videos of Minecraft where she accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers. She currently has a massive 2+ million followers on Youtube alone where she just posts videos about her VR experiences and other popular subjects.


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Apart from YouTube, Heyimbee has a Twitch channel which she’s growing at a fast rate. Due to the success of Apex Legends, Heyimbee has been streaming the game on her channel.

“Fortnite Kid”

Heyimbee was streaming Apex Legends recently and was in her normal bubbly mood. She sounded happy about life, and it seemed like she didn’t have a worry in the world. It was at that moment she happened to stumble upon a teammate who was in no mood to put up with her bubbly mood.  It all started when Heyimbee said, “Girls need beauty rests, yeah and I look atrocious, so bad.” That’s when one of her teammates said this, and we all knew things were going to go south.

“You guys got a mic?” – Teammate

That’s when Heyimbee responded with, “Yeah mate, how’s it going mate?“. Her teammate, named “BustedPluggers” responded with what sounded like “f**ks”. It sounded like he wasn’t going to put up with anything today and hearing Heyimbee’s voice seemed to trigger bad experiences he had in the past speaking with “bubbly” personalities. That’s when BustedPluggers responded with:

“I’m leaving this. I’m not playing with a Fortnite kid.”

This seemed to bamboozle Heyimbee as she didn’t quite understand what was going on. She replied with some broken words, trying to understand why her teammate didn’t want to stay in the game. The only response she was able to give to lighten up the moment was saying, “I’m just an old lady but thanks”.

What could have bothered BustedPluggers so much to just quit the game? No one will know, not even HeyImbee. But all she can really do is continue playing Apex Legends and being herself.


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