How Often Are Free Apex Legends Packs Given

How Often Are Free Apex Legends Packs Given

Apex Legends Apex Packs are sought by all, here is how many free packs a player gets by the time they hit level 100.

Apex Legends already has a very large player base. Most of the players have previous experience with other Battle Royale games. Even though Apex Legends is free to play, fans thrive for its unlockable achievements. Apex Legends offers a wide range of customization, from cosmetics and banners, right down to skins. Compared to other games, in-game Apex Legends currency is earned at a very fast rate. No matter of ones skill level, after an average of ten hours of gameplay, a player should be able to unlock his first additional legend.

How Many Free Apex Packs are given from level 1 – 100

A player is awarded a free Apex Pack after each level, right up to level 21. Starting at level 22, a free pack is awarded on every second level rank up. Once a player hits level 50, a free pack is awarded after every 5 level ups. Finally, once a player hits level 100, no more free Apex Packs are granted.  In total a player will be awarded 45 free Apex Packs from level 1 to 100.

Drop Rate Chances

The drop rates are in the game as the exact values announced by Respawn are as follows;

  • 100% – Rare Item or Better
  • 24.8% – Epic or Better
  • 7.4% – Legendary
Heirloom Set

Apex Legends Wraith Heirloom Set

There is one special set called the Heirloom Set with a drop chance of under 1 percent. There is only one set in the game and it belongs to Wraith. If a player is lucky enough to open it, all items from the set are awarded with the same pack.

Although chances are extremely slim, the Heirloom Set will be provided by the time a player gets to his 500th Apex Pack. Should a player not fall upon the special set with his 45 free Apex Packs, it can take as long as 455 additional packs before guaranteeing to unlock it.

With the introduction of Season 1, it remains to be seen if addition special sets will be added. As for now, the Wraith collection is the only one available.

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