How to Craft Metals in Apex Legends

How to Craft Metals in Apex Legends

In this article we’re going to take a closer look at the Apex Legends Crafting metals, how to get them, how does it work, and purchasing Apex packs to get more crafting metals.

How to Craft Metals in Apex Legends

How to Craft Metals in Apex Legends Crafting Metals Apex Packs

In Apex Legends you have something called crafting metals which is only attainable through opening an apex pack. An apex pack you get as your character levels up, you’re awarded a free apex pack to open which will reveal 3 different items, they range from common items to legendary items. A legendary crafting metal provides more metals then a common crafting metal.

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To Unlock Skins, Quips, and Everything Else

Apex Legends Store

There are 3 ways to unlock items such as legend skins, weapon skins, quips and so on. You have crafting metals which unlocks everything and you can do this by customising your character. There’s apex tokens which can unlock items in-store, or legend characters, then you have apex coins which can purchase apex packs, or unlock items in-store.

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Customizing Your Legend

Apex Legends Crafting Metals

When you customize your character, you’ll notice that certain level skins will cost more crafting metals then others. It ranges from 30 crafting metals for common items to 1200 crafting metals for legendary skins. It’s obviously takes time to get to 1200 crafting metals. On average, if you purchase 150 apex packs, you can expect around 2600 crafting metals plus or minus, so you’re able to unlock 2 legendary skins, but you’ll need to pay for those apex packs. On the other hand you can grind it out, and build up your crafting metal count.

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Are Apex Packs Worth The Purchase?

Apex Legends Coins

If you have the funds to go out and buy apex coins, it will be the easiest way to increase your crafting metal count to unlock the skins you want. In the process you’ll also have a chance to get other legendary skins and a possible Heirloom for Wraith, but this will put you in the hole for $100 USD. If you don’t have the money to buy apex coins, then you’ll just have to grind it out and rank up to get apex packs, which will take time to build your crafting metal count. Hopefully the How to Craft Metals in Apex Legends guide will allow you to craft more interesting skins in the game.

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