How To Drop Faster In Apex Legends And Land First

How To Drop Faster In Apex Legends

If your dropship starting direction is North, then this Apex Legends trick is the best way to drop fast before anyone else. 

Just like any BR game, a good drop is key to success. Although many players have their own strategies and preferences of locations, hot drops are always the most popular choice. Most players prefer a hot drop, chancing immediate elimination, over waiting sixty seconds or gliding to a more secluded area. If you are one of those players who like to jump right into the action, then this fast drop trick is for you.

Dropship Path

The combination is simple, your dropship must be starting from the northern part of the map. The main drop target will be Artillery. If your dropship starts from the North you will land first, if the ship starts from the south and works its way north, you can still drop Artillery but expect less resistance as most players would have already deployed. Here is a look at the best dropship trajectories. The yellow shows the starting radius, with the best path directly above Artillery.

Apex Legends Hot Drop Path To land Fast
The best dropship path is directly above Artillery as indicated with the middle arrow.
Apex Legends Drop Fast Steps

The drop destination will be Artillery and you need to aim your drop to the tallest mountain just north of the base. It’s important to land as close to the edge as possible so that you can then slide your way down to the ground. Because the mountain is at peak level, you will land first and as you slide down to ground level in full speed, other players are still dropping or gliding in.

Drop Location Edge of Cliff above Artillery
Aim your landing to the tallest mountain cliff just north of Artillery Battery

Here is a live demonstration by @Rogue_Gingerpop who nails the landing perfectly. In this case the Dropship had the perfect angle coming in from the north. As you can clearly see, as he slides off the cliff he passes other players who are still dropping and have not even deployed.

Although a little luck is required, practice makes perfect. As long as the dropship is passing over Artillery from the start, expect it to be crowded below. The only difference is, you will be waiting for them.

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