How To Get Apex Legends Octane


In this article we’re going to take a quick look at how to get Apex Legends Octane, the newest legend to come to Kings Canyon in Apex Legends, his abilities, and some quick tips.

Octane Arrives At Kings Canyon
Apex Legends Octane Abilities

The highly anticipated Octane has finally arrived to Apex Legends adding a new dynamic to how squads battle each other. With his Tactical Ability and Ultimate Ability, you can move pretty quickly across Kings Canyon.

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How To Get Octane

Apex Legends Octane High-Speed Daredevil

There’s two ways to get Octane. First, you can purchase him with either Apex Tokens or Apex Coins. For most players, they’ll have accumulated enough tokens after weeks of playing to acquire him that way. If you have 750 Apex Coins left over from before, you can also purchase him that way.

Apex Legends Octane Reward Level 48

The other way is through the rewards system. You’ll have to wait until you reach the level 48 tier to unlock Octane for free. If you decided to purchase the Battle Pass Bundle at 2800 Apex Coins, then you’ll have made it half way at level 25.

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Octane Legend Abilities
Apex Legends Octane Abilities Season 1

Octane is incredibly fast, when he uses his tactical ability Stim which allows him to move 30% faster for six seconds. While using his tactical ability he loses some health. Everytime he uses Stim, it will lower his health. This is countered by his Passive Ability called Swift Mend, which automatically restores health over time.  These two abilities work very well to outrun the circle, and catch up to your squad. You can also use Stim to evade enemies, startle, or simply use it to gather loot quicker then your teammates.

The Launch Pad can also be used with the same purpose of Stim, but it can also give you and your squad mates easy access to locations that are hard to reach. Using Octane will allow you to be creative and clever. With wraith being an extremely quick Legend, Octane is a good counter balance.

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