How to be recruited to join an Apex Legends Pro eSport Team

How to join an Apex Legends Pro esports team
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After Apex Legends first tournament was a success, well-known eSports organizations are now showing interest in signing talent, here is how to apply. 

The First Tournaments

While the representatives of Respawn Entertainment have yet to announce plans for the development of its cyber sports scene, it’s community are already holding their own tournaments. The first Apex Legends tournament, the Twitch Rivals: APEX Legends Challenge, was held in two regions: Europe and North America. The Kings Canyon team (Ninja, KingRichard and dizzy) won the NA side, Team MANE (Gotaga, Mickalow, Robi) took home the EU side. The next tournament was launched under the wings of Dr Disrespect: Code Red Apex Legends. It yield the same outcome, with Kings Gaming taking first place, while Dr Disrispect’s team ended up in second.

Since the first Twitch Rivals event for Apex Legends, the game has been through many different. Although these competitions are fun to watch, the players are not pros and the prize money is not close compared to the big name eSport titles.

First eSports organizations interested in Apex Legends.

Here is a list of pro organizations publicly recruiting players for Apex Legends esports teams.

Apex Legends Esport scene
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 NRG e-Sports

The birth of a new competitive discipline has generated interest from the giants of cyber sports organizations. NRG, one of the first organizations to start searching for Apex talent. They made the first true Apex Legends pro signing by including one of the best players on the planet, Dizzy.

Team Solomid

Team Solomid was next to look for players. Unlike NRG, they have not yet assembled a team or confirmed any signings. The tweet has received thousands of replies from players wanting to try out.


By February 14th, it became clear that because of Apex Legends popularity, most of the biggest eSport organizations would be on the lookout for new talent. Following the Apex Legends trend, Fnatic also joined in on the lookout to form a squad. Hoping they won’t suffer the fate as their CS: GO line-up.

Natus Vincere

The CIS has always sought to support fast-paced games and Apex Legends is no exception. Natus Vincere announced recruiting via twitter, looking to find the right talent. NaVi is an excellent organization to be part of.

Is a major Apex Legends Tournament even possible?

So far, Apex Legends is turning out to be the PUBG of 2019. An unexpected appearance with an immediate influx of players. That was the good side of PUBG. But bad optimization, server crashes and bugs, hurt its growth. Although Apex Legends is still fresh, there are already piles of critical bugs being found on a regular basis. Recently, Battle(non)sense channel conducted its study of the Apex Legends network code and concluded that the game’s ping is horrible. According to the test, Apex Legends ping between players can reach up to 250 ms, which is unacceptable for any type of serious gaming.

Network Lag Apex Legends

It will take work to fix the problem and the question comes down to how fast will these issues be assessed? Why is Respawn Entertainment silent? It comes down to an unfinished product they released. Maybe they did not expect such popularity, right out the gate? Or did they consider releasing the game hoping nobody would notice its poor network performance?

Although it’s easy to keep fans happy with Battle Pass seasons and new Legends. The core and longevity of a title rely on its performance. It will be very interesting to see how Respawn and EA address the situation and how long it takes.

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