How to Move Faster in Apex Legends

How to Move Faster in Apex Legends

In this article we’re going to take a look at how to move faster in Apex Legends when you. Using the run , slide, and jump function in Apex legends will add a huge advantage for you. Here’s how to move faster. 

Run, Slide, Jump

It’s extremely important when you’re playing Apex Legends to quickly get to new locations, find new loot, catch up to your teammates or outrun your enemies. The first thing that comes to mind would be to run hands free by putting your guns away (PC, PS4, Xbox all have different buttons for that). This method can yield a good result, but often times you won’t outrun or even dodge enemy bullets unless you have Bangalore as a chosen legend.

How to Run Faster in Apex Legends Move
Image source: EA

Instead of running gun free only, implement the motion of running, sliding, then jumping. The way it should look is that you run, press the slide button, then jump right after you slide, run for 2 seconds, and repeat. The video below will show you a side by side comparison of the character on the left only running hands free, and the character on the right implementing the run, slide and jump method. You can see for yourself who is faster.

This method works on flat surfaces and going downhill. When you’re running uphill, it’s less effective but still is faster then running hands free.

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When to use the Run, Slide, Jump

Good examples of using this method is to outrun your team to a supply drop, supply crate or new looting area. Another example is if you’re trying to run away from an enemy who is shooting you from a distance. Rather then just running lineraly and allowing the enemy to line up the shot, make it difficult for them to aim at you by using this method. The third example is outrunning the circle. If you’re in the red circle or just on the border of it, use the run, slide and jump to move faster.

How to Move Fast in Apex Legends
Image source: EA

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