LIRIK Gets Cocky in Apex Legends. Pays the Price.

LIRIK Gets Cocky in Apex Legends Pays the Price on Twitch
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Lirik was streaming Apex Legends when he got into a mess trying to impress his chat. This is a lesson never to get too cocky when you have thousands of viewers watching you. Watch what happens next.

LIRIK Gets Cocky in Apex Legends. Pays the Price.

Saqib Zahid, who goes by LIRIK as his gamer name, is a popular streamer with over 2 million followers on Twitch. He started back in 2011 playing World of Warcraft, and then switched over to DayZ in 2012. He plays a variety of games, but mostly plays Apex Legends.

During one of his streams, he paired in with some random teammates. He started off the match asking if anyone was there. Then the main Jumpmaster, which was Lirik, pinged the “SWAMPS” location on Kings Canyon as the landing zone. He then says “Dude I love this spot. Hell yeah“. As soon as the Jumpmaster deployed from the ship above, he then quickly changed his mind and said, “I was joking“. So Swamp was not a place he liked to deploy to first. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that many squads like to go to this area due to it’s high tier loot zone.


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Trash Talking

As soon as he started flying towards the Swamp, it seems like someone annoyed him. It’s unclear where it came from, if it was his in-game teammates or the chat, but someone said they would hate to be teammates with Lirik. Lirik then responded with some trash talking right before he landed.

Awkward Moment

Right when Lirik dropped, he went into a buidling, picking up items right away. He ended up finding a gold digital threat optic, a gold turbo charger Hop up, and a gold peacekeeper. Essentially this is like nailing the tripple 7’s in a slot machine as it rarely happens within the same location.

While having everything equipped, even Lirik himself didn’t believe what he had. He then approached one of the entrances to the building and stayed near the door as he heard an enemy approach nearby. He then says,

“Chat, this is how you play this game watch. Sit right here….”

As soon as he said that, the enemy entered and Lirik missed his shot, getting out maneuvered by Mirage. The enemy then knocked down Lirik and eliminated him.

Angry Lirik

It seemed that something annoyed him as he started talking trash and getting agitated. At first it didn’t make sense until viewers saw the gamer tag of the enemy that killed him as it ended with “TTV”. TTV means “Twitch.TV”, and the enemy was probably streaming the game as he killed him. It can be an uncomfortable feeling if you lost a gun battle like that, especially to someone who was streaming the game as well. But one thing that Lirik didn’t realize is that his own viewers could also clip the moment that he messed up on.

Lirik Cocky Gets Eliminated by TTV Player Streaming Apex Legends

It goes to show you that you can never be too cocky because sometimes things happen like this which you can’t explain, and you end up paying the price.

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