All Pathfinder Faces in Apex Legends

All Pathfinder Faces in Apex Legends

Pathfinder is one of the odd characters in Apex Legends. Part of that has to do with the many faces Pathfinder has in the game. A recent leaks by dataminers revealed all of Pathfinder faces.

All Pathfinder Faces in Apex Legends

One of the more interesting characters in Apex Legends goes by the name of Pathfinder, who goes by the name MRVN. Although is could be short for “Marvin”, it actually stands for “Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity”. Pretty clever from the people at Respawn Entertainment.

Basically he’s a character the enables mobility to areas where characters aren’t able to reach, or, can reach in a shot amount of time. Pathfinder has three abilities which falls under his description as a “Forward Scout”. MRVN has a grappling hook as his Tactical ability. What this does is propel a grabbling hook to the point of interest. It’s meant to reach high areas faster, or even areas which can’t be reached otherwise.

Pathfinder’s other abilities is the “insider knowledge” which allows him to forsee the closure zone, and the ultimiate ability which is a zipline gun. The zipline gun is the same idea as his grabbling hook, but is essentially a permanent zipline for everyone (including enemies) to use.

The Many faces of Pathfinder

One distinct characteristic of Pathfinder is his display screen that goes across his chest. It displays many different faces, all having a different meaning. Dataminers over at @RealApexLeaks on Twitter have found the files that hold all Pathfinder faces.

Here are all Pathfinder Faces in Apex Legends starting things off with his mad look.

Angry Pathfinder Face in Apex Legends

Next would be the death face that Pathfinder makes when he’s eliminated.Dead Face Pathfinder in Apex Legends

This is Pathfinders face showing an image of himself.

First Person Pathfinder Face in Apex Legends

The next face is when Pathfinder is happy, possibly from receiving items from a team member.Happy Face Pathfinder Apex Legends

This is an obvious one for Pathfinder when he is knocked out.Knock out Face for Pathfinder

Next Pathfinder face is showing him in love, most likely when he is healing himself, or being healed by Lifeline.Pathfinder Face Love HeartThis Pathfinder face shows him sad, which can be for multiple reasons.

Pathfinder Sad Face in Apex Legends

Pathfinder does this face when he pings an enemy, or when the enemy is nearby. Ping Attention Enemy Nearby Pathfinder Face

The lost signal Pathfinder face looks like this.

Lost Signal Face for Pathfinder

The Pathfinder Confused face is an obvious one.

Confused Face for Pathfinder in Apex

The Pathfinder distorted face happens when he’s hit by some concussion device.

Distorted Concussion Pathfinder Face

All images are owned by EA, and were mined by @RealApexLeaks.

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