@PlayApex Tweets Cryptic Message. Possible Mention Of Leviathan Creatures?

@PlayApex Tweets Cryptic Message. Possible Mention Of Leviathan Creatures
Source: Respawn Entertainment

Viewers of EA PLAY last weekend were asking the same question; what was that giant creature at the end of the show? @PlayApex tweeted a cryptic message today, possibly mentioning the Leviathan Creatures.

What Was That Creature At The End?

For those who tuned in to EA PLAY last weekend were showered with major updates coming to Apex Legends. With the mention of Wattson, the new L-Star and a variety of new skins, fans were getting extremely excited about what’s come in season 2. However, one curious footage was shown at the end of the Apex Legends segment at EA PLAY. A one minute clip was shown recapping everything that was discussed at the event, however, Respawn snuck in something at the end that looks like a giant creature of some sort. Here’s the clip:

At the end of the clip, GoldenBoy, who was the host of the event, asked Drew McCoy of Respawn, “What was that?”. Of course, Drew said he couldn’t say, and it’s a deep held secret that Respawn has been keeping for a while now. With all the information dataminers have shared over the months since the release of Apex Legends, no one has mentioned anything in regards to a “giant creature”. So whatever Respawn was doing to keep a tight lid on the whole thing, they did one heck of a job. But the question remains, what was that creature at the end?

@PlayApex Tweets Cryptic Message

Fans were able to see a cryptic message from Apex Legends official Twitter account; @PlayApex. Here’s there tweet in question:

The message starts with:


L001 is moving southbound at a rate of ten kicks per hour after a sixteen-hour rest interval. This is yet another significant rest-time reduction. We suspect L001 is exhibiting signs of territorial behavior or distress. We will continue gathering data and attempt to determine the cause.”

What does this exactly mean? Additionally, there’s a note posted at the top-right of the screen which says “What’s wrong with Rosie???“? For those who haven’t followed Apex Legends closely will be left confused. However, those who have been picking up on the clues might put the pieces together.

The Clues Have To Be About the Levithan Creatures

You’re probably asking, “what the heck is a Leviathan Creatures“. They are the two giant creatures found at the outskirt of the Kings Canyon map. It’s hard to miss them unless you’ve been playing the game without your glasses. A few days ago, a Reddit user pointed out that the Leviathan Creatures have been moving closer to the island. They’ve included a picture to compare before and after. The image indeed shows the Leviathan Creatures moving closer to the map. Obviously, this is Respawn stirring the pot, and seeing who will pick up on this.

Giant Dragon Eye in Apex Legends Season 2
Source: Respawn Entertainment

The second biggest clue was the clip for EA PLAY which was shown above. What other creature is that large on the Kings Canyon map? Unless Respawn introduces another giant creature completely different than Leviathan, that would be a complete curveball to observers. However, I highly doubt that will be the case. These large creatures near the island have been the talk of Apex for a long time. Considering the game has taken a major nosedive in popularity, what else could Apex Legends do to make a big bang?

My guess would be to bring those giant monsters into the map. If they won’t be on the map, they might just stay on the side of the island and perhaps be involved in the map mechanics somehow. At this point, one could come up with many different scenarios, but we can say that the possibility of the dinosaur-looking monsters being involved in season 2 is high.

Now let’s take a look at the cryptic message from @PlayApex. The actual message starts with L001. L could possibly stand for Leviathan. The number 001 could mean only “one” of them will actually be involved in season two. The message continues saying how slow this thing is, and that it needs a sixteen-hour rest, which could explain why those giant creatures don’t walk in the water; just move their bodies. The message finishes off saying that the L001 is “exhibiting signs of territorial behavior”. So possibly they are telling us a trait of the Leviathan; it’s very defensive of its territory, which could possibly mean they have a hostile part in season 2. Perhaps what this message is saying is that the Levithan creatures will cause a disruption of the map, which means we’ll see adjustments to the Kings Canyon as they make their way on the island.

If It’s Not Leviathan Than What Is It?

If Respawn isn’t introducing the Leviathan Creature, then what are they adding in season 2? Now I’ll be the first one to say this is a stretch, but perhaps the creature might possibly be the LOCH NESS Monster easter egg that users were doing at the beginning of the game’s release. The way the easter egg worked is that you would need to find 10 little LOCH NESS toys called “Nessy“. If you shot all 10 of these toys, you would need to go at the end of the island (a specific point on the map) and look out into the waters. Then a giant LOCH NESS monster would appear. Here’s the video:

Now the name “Rosie” could be the name for the LOCH NESS Monster. However, this wouldn’t make much sense, and the LOCH NESS Monster is just an easter egg and doesn’t have any role in the story of Apex Legends. At least the Leviathan Creatures play a role as they were featured in Titanfall. So the last theory is really a stretch, however, I still wanted to add it to our theories.


These are bottom line assumptions, and the cryptic message could be something completely different. However, all the clues add up for it to be Leviathan. We’ll just need to wait to see what other clues @PlayApex gives out. We are experiencing exciting times again with Apex Legends.

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