Players Are Taking Jabs At Respawn’s Upcoming Apex Legends Voidwalker Event

Players Are Taking Jabs At Respawn's Upcoming Apex Legends Voidwalker Event
  • Respawn Entertainment recently announced their upcoming event called the “Voidwalker” which is based on Wraith’s mysterious past, however, players are focusing on something else other than the event. What is the community unhappy about this time around? Let’s find out.

Apex Legends Voidwalker Event

Respawn Entertainment has recently announced their new event called the Apex Legends Voiwalker. It will be a two-week-long event that’s focused on Wraith’s mysterious past. The Voidwalker will run from September 3rd to the 17th, and will introduce lots of awesome content which includes:

  • Wraiths Town Takeover – a new section on King’s Canyon; the remains of a research site including a functional prototype portal.
  • Limited-Time Mode “Armed and Dangerous” – weapons will be limited to snipers and shotguns
  • Event Challenges with Free Loot – earn exclusive skins and Wraith-themed content
  • Double Top 5 and Wins XP Weekend –  from Sept 6th to Sept 9th players will earn double XP for Top 5 finishes and wins.

This all sounds great, right? Well, one item we didn’t mention above was the Direct Purchase Shop item mentioned on the official EA blog. This is where things get a little cloudy. Respawn stated that:

“we’re adding a set of themed cosmetics such as the Voidwalker Wraith Legendary, which includes a custom character select animation”

The also said that this is new to the event as they are introducing “lower price point items; outside of the legendary skin and frame”. Specifically, all themed cosmetics will be $5.

Players Start Taking Jabs At Respawn’s Event

During the announcement yesterday, players quickly took to the Apex Legends community Reddit page as well as replying to the @PlayApex official tweet about the event, mostly being unhappy about the cost for Wraith’s skin. In order to get Wraith’s skin, you’ll need to purchase Apex Coins, which will roughly add up around $20 to get the skin. There’s no other way to get is as one user pointed out that two of the event rewards will be for badges, while the other one if for crafting metals that add up to 60. So the only way to get Wraith’s skin would be to buy it in the Apex Legends shop:

Voidwalker microtransactions for Wraith skin

Apex Legends players have a bone to pick with Respawn after an incident involving a Respawn Developer got the company in hot waters with the community. The Respawn DEV called some individuals on Reddit’s Apex page “ass**-hats and freeloaders” after players were complaining about the microtransactions in the game and how expensive things were in Season 2. There were two sides to the story, one which some players were defending Respawn’s microtransaction since the game is free-to-play, and the other side of the pack are players saying the costs are too high. Well, players are complaining about the costs in the new Voidwalker event and they’re not shy to share their thoughts.

Additionally, the Apex Legends official Reddit page also shared their concerns with the price of Wraith’s skin, since of course, the event is all about Wraith and everyone will be looking to get her complete cosmetics.

Reddit Apex Legends Voidwalker Complain

It seems that Twitter is a little more ruthless in terms of comments and that there’s more love on the Reddit page. Some players on Reddit are saying that the price isn’t too bad for what Respawn was charging beforehand. However, the event is focused on microtransaction within the community, especially with Wraith’s skin. In the end, it’s entirely up to the player if they want to pay that extra $20 for a skin. You’ll need to make that decision.


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