Respawn Removes Bunker Trap in New Apex Legends Update

Respawn Removed Bunker Trap in New Apex Legends Update

The “Bunker Trap” was one of the best trick spots found in Apex Legends. Sadly, on top of the disappointing Season 1 update, Respawn Entertainment has also removed the infamous Bunker trap in the game. And players weren’t happy about it.

Bunker Trap Removed. Saddens Community

When Apex Legends was released a little over a month ago, many users were uploading clips of impressive take downs, 1v3 situations, and breath-taking clutch moments. But one particular video made it online that changed everything. It was the Bunker Trap video. The “Bunker” is a location on the Apex Legends map that takes place underground. There’s a top level of the bunker leading towards the lower level of the bunker; essentially two sections.

At the lower level, there are a three rooms that you can enter. But, one specific room is where players utilized the “trap”. The trap room is the first room from the stairs leading up to the second level of the bunker. To demonstrate how the Bunker trap worked, here’s a video of one player using the character “Caustic” below.

Bunker Trap

As players would enter the room, they would be surprised by either gun firing from above, or a Caustic trap placed in front of the door which blocks anyone from exiting. A small platform laid above the door in which players would jump on and wait for unsuspected enemies to come in. As time went on, players would find ways to combat this.

Wild Frontier Season 1 Update

With the new update, Respawn fixed minor issues and glitches on the Kings Canyon map. However, the removal of the bunker trap was one that seemed to strike a nerve in the Apex Legends community. The platform that appeared above the door of the trap room is now removed. Players cannot hide above the door anymore. The image below confirms the removal.

Apex Legends Bunker Trap Door Removed

Community Disappointed

The infamous bunker trap video clip shown above first appeared on the Apex Legends Reddit page. Well, the community realized that Respawn removed the platform and even created it’s own dedicated page titled “RIP Bunker Dwellers”. Some Apex Legends players quickly commented, saying “Caustic tears, level 4“, and “RIP“. Another user said “why would Respawn take something fun away from the game?“. But one user gave a glimmer of hope, saying this.

Comment about Bunker Trap Removal on Reddit

If this is indeed true, perhaps Respawn Entertainment will reconsider the removal. However, it’s highly unlikely given the fact that Caustic can keep the doors closed in the room using one of his abilities. For Respawn, they probably don’t want to see this interference of gameplay as it’s not a natural mechanic in the game (to jam a door with a Legend’s ability). But only time will tell what Respawn will do. In the meantime, it’s one less reason not to use Caustic.

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