Shroud Does Crab Rave Dance in Apex Legends

Shroud was streaming Apex Legends recently when his chat box blew up with the Crab Rave request. Everyone wanted Shroud to play the song. Well, Shroud took it a step further. Check out the video below.

Crab Rave

For those who don’t know their meme, the “Crab Rave” is a house song done by a group called Noisestorm in 2018. It was uploaded on April Fools as a joke. Since then, people have been using it in edits, mashups, remixes, and referring to it on Twitch. It there’s a silent moment that needs refreshing, the Crab Rave song comes on. Here’s the original song on Youtube.

The Crab Rave video has appeared in many random remix memes on YouTube, such as this Call of Duty WWII video done with weapons in the game to sync with the Crab Rave beat.

Shroud Does Crab Rave Dance in Apex Legends

During Shrouds recent stream, he was in the middle of an Apex Legends match when his chat box started to burst with “Crab” icons followed by the text “Crab Rave”. After users constantly spammed the chat box with this, it caught the attention of Shroud who said, “So you guys want the Crab Rave?“.

After a few minute, Shroud listened to the chat, and put on the Crab Rave song on his channel, blowing it up for everyone to hear. He then stopped playing and zoomed in his room to point out his chat screen which was cluttered with crab icons. He said,

“That’s you guys right there”.

As Shroud went back to playing. He started doing the Crab Rave dance on screen for all of his viewers towards the end of the video. Pointing his gun to the ground and jumping back and forth. It goes to show Shroud is down to earth with his followers, and will have a little fun and goof around which changes things up a bit on his streams. Everyone’s use to watching Shroud storm through matches and lay it on his opponents. But his followers are definitely not use to seeing him to the Crab Dance in Apex Legends.

Shroud Crab Rave Dance Apex Legends

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