Shroud Conflicted on Wingman Nerf. “I think They Made it Better”

Shroud Conflicted on Wingman Nerf. I think They Made it Better

Shroud commented on the recent Apex Legends nerf of the Wingman. One of the most used and powerful weapons in Apex Legends had a makeover by Respawn Entertainment. Is Shroud conflicted with his thoughts on the whole update?

Shroud Conflicted on Wingman Nerf. “I think They Made it Better”

In a recent stream Shroud was discussing the recent balance update made in the game. Some of the weapon balances were the Wingman and Peacekeeper. Although the only real damage reducer was from the Skullpiercer Headshot damage (down from 2.5 to 2.25), there wasn’t anything else changed on the weapons. However, the noticeable difference to the Wingman was the rate of fire, which was reduced from 3.1 to 2.6 per second. Not many gamers thought that this was the best move, and that reducing damage from the Skullpiercer didn’t really make any sense.

Shroud happens to be one of those gamers who voiced his opinion in a recent stream about the weapon balance update.

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Explanation of the Patch notes

Shroud started on his stream saying, “In the patch notes they were going to leave the Mozambique the same because they want some guns to be like shitty and trolly. So like ther P2020 and Mozambique they will leave the same. I personally don’t think the Wingman nerf is enough. I don’t think they did anything really. That was not the right nerf that they needed. If they were going to nerf the fire rate, they needed to really nerf it. Or don’t touch the fire rate at all and just nerf the damage. They did nothing. They nerfed the fire rate and Skullpiecer. And Skullpiecer wasn’t even the issue. I don’t think they realized that Skullpiece didn’t really matter.

When Shroud was mentioning the Skullpiercer, which is referred to in-game as a “Hop up”, would give increased headshot damage when equipped with the Wingman. Perhaps many gamers were complaining about dying instantly when being shot at with the combination, but Shroud stated that the Skullpiercer attachment wasn’t even the issue. Because players first have to find a Wingman (although readily available), but also find a Skullpiercer if it hasn’t already been picked up.

Shroud mentions that the real nerfing should have been the “damage control”. But that Respawn Entertainment dropped the ball on that.

Wingman better now?

When comparing the firing rate, Shroud gave his opinion, saying that the Wingman is probably een better now that the fire rate has been decreased. He basically said that the accuracy was lost if you hit the fire button quickly. Thus, reducing the fire rate now gives better control/accuracy to the player and improves the gun.

Although Respawn Entertainment won’t go back on what they did to the guns in order to have a more balanced line, perhaps they will consider changing things in the future.

Shroud Firing the Wingman Testing Fire Rate Reduced 2.6

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