Shroud Hilariously Mistakes Slang Term for Weapon. “Wtf am I going to do with a whip?”

Shroud Hilariously Mistakes Slang Term for Weapon. Wtf am I going to do with a whip
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  • During one of Shrouds Apex Legends streams, he was asked by one of his viewers what’s his whip. Shroud’s response is hilarious.
Shroud Hilariously Mistakes Slang Term for Weapon

While Shroud was waiting for his next Apex Legends game to load, someone in his chat room asked him what type of whip he has. At this point, Shroud was left a little confused and replied with “Wtf am I going to do with a whip?”.

If viewers weren’t paying attention to the chatbox, then they would also ask the same question as Shroud, since a whip isn’t exactly practical these days. And this is where the confusion was as Shroud was probably thinking back when he was in his history class learning about old types of weapons used. Shroud continued, saying,

What is is this? What use do I have for a whip? I mean I guess you could…..“. He stopped to ponder the question even more but was completely clueless as to the point of the question. “What could you do with a whip in this year, you know? I mean, aren’t whips for like… f**k what’s that animal? I swear there’s an animal that you fu**ing.. you know“.

Grandpa Shroud?

As Shroud finished his last sentence, he took a look back at the chat room to see what people were typing. It was this moment when Shroud realized he needs to up-date his slang terms as he totally mistakes the term for a weapon. Someone in the chat pointed out the meaning behind “whip” and Shroud read out loud:

“A whip is slang for a vehicle.”

He then finished by saying, “Oh…”. As dumbfounded as Shroud was about the question he was asked, it made for some great comic relief as he really didn’t know why someone would ask him if he has a whip in 2019.

Shroud Old School Slang Term Apex Legends

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