The Apex Legends Charge Rifle Is OP

The Apex Legends Charge Rifle Is OP
  • The new Apex Legends weapon in season 3 happens to be a hit, but for all the wrong reasons. Does Charge Rifle need to be nerfed due to being overpowered?

Respawn Entertainment introduced the new Charge rifle in Apex Legends’ season 3. Apex Legends is the number one competitor of Fortnite due to the initial growth it had at launch. Of course, Apex Legends has a different play style than Fortnite. However, essentially they are both Battle Royale games and are not similar in many parts, but they are in essence. Battle Royale games is all about survival being the last one alive. 

In order to survive players have to be constantly vigilant. They need to be aware of their surroundings. They need to check their backs when they are running. Of course, with the new map introduced to Apex Legends, This became much more complex because the new map is bigger. World’s Edge is a bigger map than Kings Canyon. This allows for weapons like Scout weapons to have an edge like G7 Scout or the Longbow DMR. Because most of the times the distance that you are engaging is further away than Kings Canyon. However, there is one weapon that is standing In front of all of the weapons right now and that is the Charge rifle. The charge rifle is extremely powerful right now in the game.

Charge Rifle Usage

Players can use this weapon without any drawbacks. Especially the players with good aim can dominate with this rifle because the Charge rifle has no limit to the range. Also, It is working like a hitscan. There is no bullet drop and no low damage potential. It’s basically different from the other weapons in the game. The Charge rifle is still usable even in short distances because the hipfire capabilities of the gun is insane. We do not know if Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment is going to change anything about this new weapon.

The Charge rifle has another advantage. The beams are also damaging before you even shoot the enemy. You can damage them easily and it has the longest range out of any weapon in the game right now. The only downside is it is a single fire weapon with a small magazine. However, this does not mean anything if you can take your enemies in two to three bullets.

However, we do know that ApexLegends weapons before got substantial nerfs. For example, the Wingman, another example Peacekeeper at the beginning of Apex Legends Season one these weapons were most OP weapons. However, now after significant nerfs, they are more suitable. We do believe that Apex Legends developers need to take a look at the Charge rifle in the future.

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