This Awesome Apex Legends Loot Tick Video Will Leave You Satisfied

This Awesome Apex Legends Loot Tick Video Will Leave You Satisfied

[Updated Monday, April 15, 2019] One Apex Legends fan took it a step further with the 3D printing of a Loot Tick. Check out this awesome Apex Legends Loot Tick video that will leave you satisfied.

3D Printing

Last month we shared the designs of some 3D printed Apex Legends items done by a talented bunch over at Thingiverse. For those who never heard of the website before, it’s a site dedicated to sharing user-created design files. Most of the files found there are 3D printable, and there are a lot of video game related files. A bunch of talented designers have been putting together some great Apex Legends design files, such as Wraiths Kunai Knife, and a life sized P2020. Well one fan took it a step further and made a real life functional loot tick.

Functional Apex Legends Loot Tick

We’ve featured a 3D printed loot tick model a while back. The seller of that loot tick took the design files off of Thingiverse and 3D printed it. The final product was a mini version that was around 3×3 inches. It was solid all around and you weren’t able to move any of the loot tick parts. Well, one Apex Legends fan (reddit user u/TheLAhearts) took it a step further and 3D printed a more functional (and bigger) loot tick. However, he added an additional feature that’s no one has ever seen before. Check out the satisfying video below.

Not only did user create a larger model, he was able to make the loot tick head spin. On top of it all, u/TheLAhearts made the model breakable, just like in the game. It’s incredibly accurate as when he goes in for the punch, the loot tick breaks up into many pieces, exactly like in Apex Legends. The only difference (other than the size of course), is the fact that there isn’t any loot that comes out. All this model needs is a proper paint job, and perhaps even LED lights in the head to make it complete.

The funny thing about the video is that the builder had to create two new legs as they broke in the video.

Regardless, it’s a great version of the loot tick. For those who are interested in building this exact model, has posted the link here where he got the design files from. Of course, you’ll need a 3D printer in order to build your own functional Loot Tick.

Apex Legends Loot Tick Video Functional Model Break
Image source: Reddit u/TheLAhearts
Where did the User Get the Design From?

The design in the video was created by Jon Jopling at Thingiverse. He goes by the name Jonnyo85 on the site, and the design above can be found here: . The 3D print in the video was done at 100%, while the model in the Thingiverse page is at 50%.

If you’re interested in printing the model shown in the video, just follow the link above. Thanks to Jon for pointing out the original design link.

Link to Reddit post.

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