Trick2G Gets Eliminated in Apex Legends. What Happens Next is Hilarious.

Trick2G Gets Eliminated in Apex Legends. Starts to Laugh Hilarious

Trick2G fell victim to falling outside the Apex Legends circle, which is the no-go zone in the game. What happens next will make you laugh, and everyone was loving it in the Twitch stream.

Twitch Streamer – Trick2G

Tim Foley, also known as his gamer name Trick2G is a Twitch streamer and entertainer who predominantly plays League of Legends. He  brings a different flare to the games he plays through humor, entertainment, and fun. Trick streams daily on Twitch & uploads highlight videos to his YouTube and social media accounts.

Trick2G is also the owner of the esports organization Team Gates, which has been successful in the games they’ve competed in, specially PUBG and H1Z1. Team Gates has also given back to the community and don’t a variety of charity work.


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Playing Apex Legends

Recently, Trick2G started streaming Apex Legends on his channel. Most popular Twitch streamers have been streaming the new hit Battle Royale game. However, new players have been trying out the game and getting out of their comfort zone. Since Trick is use to playing League of Legends most of the time, Apex Legends was new territory for him. Well it seems that Trick2G has quite a bit of playing to do as he fell victim to the death zone in Apex Legends.

Essentially when you are outside the circle in Apex Legends, you start to take damage. As the circle closes in, squads need to make their way to the next circle, or otherwise get injured or even worse, eliminated. It’s the same concept as in Fortnite, however, it doesn’t seem that Trick2G realized what kind of situation he was in. But what was more funny than Trick’s death was his reaction afterwards which riled up the whole chatroom.

Trick2G started laughing hysterically, and anyone who follows Trick2G knows his laugh is worth a thousand words. It’s one of the rare times we see him burst into his signature laughter on live stream where he shows himself. Regardless, his teammates started laughing as well, and so did the chat.

Trick2G Laugh Apex Legends Eliminated League of Legends Team Gates

The chatbox was filled with LOL’s, LMAO’s and Twitch emotes. Everyone was enjoying Trick2G’s laugh and even though his death was embarrassing, it was well worth it in the end.

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