NRG Dizzy’s Favorite Guns Ratings List

NRG Dizzy's Favorite Guns and loadout

Many wonder what Dizzy’s favorite gun combos are, he breaks down his best to worst Apex Legends guns.

When Apex Legends first came out not many people knew who NRG Dizzy was. It took less then a week for the world the realize that the ex-CS pro is on of the best players in the world. His name first surfaced after he became the first player to reach lvl 100. He followed that up with a world record for kills in a single game, with 33. His record has since been broken and now sits at 36. Finally, he was the first player to reach 5000 career kills. His Apex Legends popularity was solidified when Dizzy teamed up with KingRichard and Ninja for the first Apex Legends tournament….. and winning it. We already know NRG Dizzys settings and his playing style but what about his weapon choices. Here are Dizzy’s gun tier list from best to worst

Everyone is aware of what Dizzy can do with a Wingman and a Peacekeeper, however Dizzy has tried all sorts of combos and breaks down what he likes best. Here is NRG Dizzy’s Apex Legends Gun Tier List.

Dizzy S-tier

No surprise here with the Wingman – Mastiff – Kraber on his top list. Mastiff and Kraber, coming from the supply drops, have limited ammo but make up with HP damage. The Wingman will eventually get nerfed  because of high its damage potential and easy upgrades.

Dizzy A-tier

His A-tier is the Spitfire – Flatline – Peacekeeper – Eva 8 – R99. A little of a strange combo, but Dizzy knows his weapons so not many can question it. The Spitfire and Peacekeeper deserve to be A weapons, however, the R99 is somewhat of a question mark. Dizzy does not consider the Hemlok an A tier gun which is another strange decision.

Dizzy B-tier

B-Tier consists of the of G7 Scout – Longbow- Devotion – Hemlok – Prowler – R301. G7 scout has a big damage potential, in the right hands, for a semi auto light ammo. Most of the late fights in Apex Legends are in Close Quarters. Hemlok can turn into a beast with only one attachment, so its strange Dizzy rates it as a B. Prowler is definitely a B-tier weapon, while the R301 is a very good weapon.

Dizzy C-tier

C-tier consists of Alternator – RE 45 – Triple Take. All of these weapons deserves to be in this tier. Alternator and RE 45 small magazine sizes with relatively low damage. Triple Take is strange weapon and not very popular, as nobody has yet to master it.

Dizzy F-tier

NRG Dizzy’s Apex Legends Gun Tier List ends with his F-tier. Without a doubt, the Mozambique and P2020. The Mozambique has been ridiculed since the release of the game and the P2020’s low damage, mixed in with a slow fire rate is hardly ever used.

If there is someone who knows his guns in Apex Legends, its Dizzy. As new weapons come to the game, this list is sure to change, but for now Dizzy has provided his best and worst guns for Apex Legends.

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